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My go-to beauty products…KAPLAN MD’s amazing LIP 20 Liners. I love the creamy, easy glide-on texture!

Dusty S., Celebrity Makeup Artist


I’ve used and sold some of the best skin treatment lines in the world, and NOTHING compares to KAPLAN MD products. I am going through radiation treatment, and the stress and effects of the treatments had really taken a toll on my skin. In just a few days the vitality and firmness has returned to my skin, making me very thankful to Dr. Kaplan for such an outstanding and pure product. In my estimation the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate is a miracle!

Cherie F., San Francisco, CA

I love, love, love your skincare products!

Bren S., Aspen, CO

I like LIP 20 very much…I got one in time for the French Open where I wore it every day. The weather was hot averaging 25 – 28 C per day. I went on to London to play Roemhampton and Wimbledon. The weather was just about the same every day. My lips felt great and even when I perspired a lot, they felt wet and good.

L. Solovieva, Tennis Pro

Dear Dr Kaplan, having just started using your lip product which i bought here in Ireland and from my surgical clinic, I’m blown away just by this one product. I have a addiction to skincare products , LOL, which have cost me a fortune over the years but in all my 40 years, I have never come across a product such as your LIP 20 Moisture Therapy..it’s fantastic, it ticks all the boxes . Go home Creme de la Mer and La Prairie and Numie and all the others, here comes KAPLAN MD!!

Caroline N., Ireland

I love Dr. Kaplan’s skincare line! My pores feel smaller, my skin tight and supple. Love it!!

Lynn C., Actress

I just want to say thank you for your LIP 20 products. I have 4 treatment lipsticks, 3 glosses and the lip balm and I have never used anything like these in my life. Finally, after 44 years, I have soft comfortable lips. Thank you!!!

Leah F., Boston, MA

Dear Dr. Kaplan, I am just loving your skincare products! I use the daily moisturizer, foam cleanser, clarifying toner, intensive eye concentrate, and now the amazing lip 20 mask!!! I’m hooked.

Carol H., Brentwood, CA

After a month of using KAPLAN MD, my skin has improved in every regard. It’s easy to use and great to travel with. Perfect to get ready for makeup on set!

Sasha B., Actress

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products. I use them all and enjoy them very much.

Mariska H., Actress

I particularly like the serum [Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate] and the non-greasy effect of it. Absorbs really nice into the skin and leaves my skin like silk.

D. Bojanova, Russia

Your eye cream is f**king amazing! I honestly bought it because the bottle is insane, but then BAM! the skin around my eyes are literally wrinkle-free. It’s like my skin got thicker. Is that possible?

Julie J., Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Kaplan – I love his products. I love his personality. I love his results.

Anne H., Actress

I LOVE LOVE your Night Cream. My skin looks glow-y and the skin tone is better after just 1 night. You have my endorsement!

Elizabeth M.

A belated but most sincere note to thank you for introducing me to your skincare products. I particularly like your sunscreen. It’s hard to find a strong physical sunscreen that works for my skin tone while on camera.

Daisy F., Actress

I love LIP 20! It’s not greasy, it protects and plumps my lips for a sexy and healthy kissable pout.

Emmy R., Actress

Your skincare line is great. I have been using it for the past three months and have noticed a difference in my skin. My skin feels refreshed and renewed.

K. Hefner, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Dr. Kaplan, I have been using every product for the past 3 months and I have to congratulate you on making a product that is fantastic. I was 5 months postpartum when I first started using the line, and my skin was dry from the extreme hormone changes. I am 42, and usually use Dr. Haushka’s daily moisturizer and the new Chanel creme…I have to tell you, your Night Replenishment took the cake in nourishing my skin, and keeping hydrated all night. Your Daily Moisturizer is the best moisturizer with sun production I’ve used to date. I am able to use it with my makeup without feeling sticky. It nourishes my skin, while protecting it, which I need in LA. OH Love the milk cleanser! Although I thought it might be too rich at first to clean my face, somehow it managed to do both clean & not dehydrate. I’m sold! Will be buying more again!

Debi M., Actress

After using the products for a couple of weeks, I received unsolicited compliments on my skin.

James V., Musician

I’ve always been addicted to lip balms. I would constantly apply and reapply throughout the day. What I like about LIP 20 is that one application keeps my lips moist for hours. And it fills in the fine lines which make my lips look fuller. Love it!!

Tricia O., Actress

I can’t live without your products! They keep my skin clean, acne-free and protect against Arizona’s dry hot weather or wherever my travels take me. I highly recommend Dr. Kaplan’s skincare line to everyone who wants to have the best skin on the planet!

G. Nolan, Actress

Dearest Dr. Kaplan, I just wanted to write and say how much I love your skincare line. The Night Cream has a lightening and brightening affect on my skin that my husband noticed straight away. Lighter and brighter skin reflects light better and as a working actress under hot lights all day, I noticed that my skin now looks flawless. I’m looking younger than I should!

Kiersten W., Actress

KAPLAN MD is so good, I feel like I’m still in my thirties! I spritz the Toner all over my body. You never know!

K. Griffin, Comedienne

I recently started to use the KAPLAN MD Intensive Eye Concentrate and started to notice results immediately. I have sensitive skin and most other eye creams irritate my eyes. Being an actress, my hours are unpredictable and often late. The eye cream lets me wake up refreshed, dark-circle free eyes! Being in my 20′s, I know I am not only making my skin the best it can be, but I am also preventing aging and environmental damage. The lip products also rock!

Fallon G., Actress

Dr. Kaplan, last week you suggested I use the Cell Renewing Microfoliant on my face. At first I was a bit hesitant because given the extreme sensitive nature of my skin, new products tend to cause a lot of break out problems for me. Given my career as an actress, I don’t tend to try new products, especially scrubs. But I took your trusted advice and my skin has never been softer or clearer! It was so gentle and left my face radiant. I also LOVE your LIP 20. I am constantly putting on some sort of lip treatment, and this combines the best of both! It is my new staple in my mini makeup bag!

Keri P., Actress

Dr. Kaplan, I’m back on Broadway and the character I play doesn’t wear too much makeup, except for red lipstick. The makeup designer naturally insisted that I wear it in the show. I hate wearing red lipstick. I loathe it. But it’s part of my job and I love my job. AND I have your lip treatments to help me! During the show, I wear the clear LIP 20 under the dreaded red pigment so that it doesn’t immediately settle into my lips and dry them out and stay there forever. So there you have it–just know that you are in my thoughts every day and helping my lips stay soft. Thank you! The whole run is sold out, plus they extended 2 weeks and that sold out too! But I have to see you next time I am in town.

Pia G., actress

I love the KAPLAN MD Night Cream. It makes my skin super soft and it smells so nice! It keeps my skin looking young.

Nora Z., actress

I absolutely LOVE this skin care line.  I started having problems with my skin last November and everything I used would make me break out in a rash.  I used products from Cetaphil to Obagi, and everything in between, and could never find anything that would work.  I was introduced to KAPLAN MD at Riverspa in Lafayette.  I was very nervous to try it because I had finally gotten my skin clear by just using Cetaphil and Oil of Olay moisturizer.  But I knew that I needed a better skin care regimen.  My only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner.   And, I have recruited my sister to using KAPLAN MD and she loves it too!

Melissa R., CEO

I’ve been using the Hydrating Essence as a cuticle oil – I bite my cuticles and nails incessantly and in this dry weather NOTHING is helping them. I’m literally OBSESSED with this oil! It’s amazing, after ONE use my cuticles had closed up and began to heal overnight! I’ve continued using the cuticle oil daily and tried really hard to stop picking and I’ve seen a huge improvement. If it’s working that well on my hands, I can only imagine what it does for the skin.

Jenny, Beauty Buyer

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