Lip Scrubs: More Harm Than Good?

Everyone has heard of them and (unfortunately) a lot of people are using them. We are talking about lip scrubs. We asked Dr. Kaplan for the inside scoop on lip scrubs and whether or not they're helping in the long run.


Scrubs by nature are abrasive. We all know what happens when we pull dead skin off our lips when they are chapped, our lips become raw and very sensitive. This is essentially what happens when you use a lip scrub, the abrasives (most commonly sugar, or salt) roughly remove dead skin from the surface of your lips, but in the process the abrasives also cause micro-tears in the skin, which the body immediately tries to heal by scabbing over. This causes the lips to feel instantly dry all over again, and the process repeats. In addition to causing these micro-tears, most lip scrubs contain ingredients like sugar, which are drying and offer no actual benefit to the skin.

A healthy, effective solution for getting rid of chapped lips is using a lip mask and a hydrating lip balm. A non-abrasive lip mask (like the Perfect Pout Lip Mask, $35) will gently slough chapped skin from the lips using natural exfoliants, like papaya and pineapple enzymes. Masks also contain skin-healing ingredients and botanicals to plump, soften and hydrate the lips.

After masking, follow up with an ultra-hydrating lip balm (Perfect Pout Lip Balm, $35) to lock in moisture and keep lips soft and supple.

Travel Sized versions of the Perfect Pout Lip Mask and Perfect Pout Lip Balm can be found in the Perfect Pout Duo, now available for $24


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