April 19, 2017 1 min read

I'm often asked to describe the science behind our skincare ingredients. In celebration of Earth Day, it seems perfectly appropriate to talk about one of our most innovative and effective skincare ingredients, that also happens to come from Mother Earth herself. Biofusion-3S is an exclusive KAPLAN MD complex of 3 Plant Stem Cells obtained from the Alp rose, Gamay grape, and Swiss apple. The Alp Rose is harvested from an extremely resistant, rare, alpine flower that is known to grow in extreme conditions and withstand all climates. It works to increase the skin’s stem cell vitality and protects against environmental stress. The Gamay Grape is an extremely UV-resistant burgundy grape known for its protection against photoaging by building up the skin’s UV-tolerance. The Swiss Apple is known for its longevity and resolvability. It helps the skin cells maintain their strength, structure, and capacity to regenerate new collagen. Combined, BioFusion-3S is an exclusive and powerful ingredient that uses the power of plants to improve skin's appearance and resistance to different signs of aging. BioFusion-3S can be found in our Luxury Concentrate, Cleansing, and Specialty Treatment Collections (excluding the Lip Mask). And as always, KAPLAN MD is proud to offer conscious products that contain USDA Certified Organic extracts, are available in 100% BPA-free packaging, and are free of harmful parabens and additives. Happy Earth Day!

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