5 Lifestyle Changes To Fight Acne

While unexpected breakouts may have you piling on acne-clearing lotions and “quick-fix” treatments, the reality is that many factors outside of your skincare routine could be triggering your acne. In fact, clearing your skin can be as easy as making some simple changes to your daily routine. Here are some of the most surprising, everyday skin-offenders that could be causing your breakout: 

  1. Dairy: Yes, it’s possible that your morning latte could be worsening your acne. Milk and dairy products contain hormones that activate oil glands, and contain inflammatory substances that congest pores and produce breakouts.
  2. Your Phone: Cell phones are well known hotbeds for bacteria, so each time you touch your screens or press the phone against your face during a call, bacteria spreads. Make sure to wipe your phone daily with sanitizing cloths to banish nasty, acne-causing germs.
  3. Lack of Sleep: Turbulent sleeping patterns can lead to stress, which prompts overproduction of sebum. Get a better night’s rest by unwinding with a cup of calming tea, journaling your day, or turning the room temperature below 70 (which aids sleep!)
  4. Not Washing Your Face Post-Workout: A good workout is a great way to reduce stress, but neglecting to wash your face afterwards allows bacteria and sweat to settle into your skin and cause blemishes. Instead, wash away workout gunk with a good cleansing routine to refresh skin and prevent breakouts.
  5. Smoking: Other than damaging your lungs and predisposing you to cancer (did you need another reason?), smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that goes to your face. The carcinogens in the smoke also causes dryness, prompting skin to generate more oil and likely more breakouts.

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