How To Correctly Apply Eye Cream

December 18, 2015 1 min read

The act of applying eye cream may seem as easy as, well, applying eye cream- but you might be surprised to learn that this crucial step in your anti-aging routine has a proper regimen of it’s own. For superior application, make sure to correctly put on your eye cream by following these 3 steps:  
  1. When applying eye cream, use your ring finger, as it is applies the least pressure. The skin around your eye is thin and delicate, so you want to be extra gentle when handling this area.  Dot eye cream beneath your eye, starting below the inner corner and extending just below your temple.
  2. Lightly tap the product into your skin- don’t rub! Use a gentle patting motion to allow product to absorb into skin.
  3. Don’t forget your orbital bone. Glide your finger beneath your eyebrow and towards temple for a beautiful, hydrated eye.

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