March 31, 2017 1 min read

Are you confused and overwhelmed by the huge selection of facial serums and facial oils on the market today? Let us break down what the benefits and uses are of each. A facial serum, such as theCellular Rejuvenating Concentrate, is great for providing your skin with additional moisture but the main benefit to using a serum is that the consistency of a serum allows ultra-concentrated ingredients to penetrate deeply into layers of skin that a heavier moisturizer cannot reach. Serums are designed to work in harmony with other products to achieve the best results possible. A beauty oil contains one or a blend of essential oils in their purest form to repair and deeply nourish the skin. Essential oils absorb quickly and easily without blocking pores. For this reason, when using a pure and highly concentrated product, such as theHydrating Essence, only two to three drops of the products are enough to deeply hydrate and repair dry, sun and wind damaged skin. Add 1-2 drops directly to the skin, or add to moisturizers and body creams for a boost of hydration.

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