Upgrade your beauty routine with 4 simple steps

1. Get a serum Start incorporating serums in your daily beauty routine that address things like fine lines, firming and tightening the skin. 2. Consider Stem Cells Adding stem cells to your beauty routine can make a huge difference. Using products that contain stem cells work on all skin types from a 20 to an 80 year old to help boost collagen and brighten skin. Stem cells from the swiss apple are the most similar to human stem cells and are the key to preserving youth in the skin. 3. Take care of your eyes The skin around your eyes is thin and tends to decrease in circulation resulting in puffy eyes. The eyes are the first to show visible signs of aging. Start using an eye cream and  gently massage the product into your skin to soothe swelling and promote better circulation. 4. Never skip SPF We have said this a million times but applying sunscreen is essential. Sunscreen prevents damage and aging caused by UV rays. Apply sunscreen of SPF 30+ under your makeup to protect your skin.

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