January 04, 2016 2 min read

Dry heat inside and cold air outside could become really stressful for your skin. You can experience uncomfortable, dry, flaky skin. A woman usually has a daily 10-step anti-aging, herbal-infused, rose-scented skin care cleaning ritual whereas a man probably only uses a face wash. So in today’s blog post we want to talk about three winter essentials for men.

Living in the 21st century we find that taking care of your skin is as normal as uploading a selfie to your Instagram account. So don’t let anyone tell you that is it unmanly to use a milk cleanser, a toner or daily moisturizer. Here at Kaplan MD it is our mission to produce a unisex product that does not discriminate on men.

Most men like a simple, uncomplicated skincare routine. So what comes more in handy than our winter essentials?!

With these three easy steps your skin can be clean, balanced and hydrated.

1. Cleaning

Cleaning your face every day is an essential step. The hydrating milk cleanser hydrates your skin while washing away dull, dead skin cells and dirt.

2. Balance

After you have washed and dried your face, simply apply the hydrating toner. A toner works to restore the skin’s pH level and redefines the skin’s texture. Our hydrating toner is alcohol-free and infused with Rose Geranium and Lavender essentials oils to hydrate your skin.

3. Moisture

The last step is applying a moisturizer. Our moisturizer is a mixture of ingredients that help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while SPF 30 protects you from sun damage.

These three steps will help you look and feel amazing. Its 2016 don’t let anyone tell you men are not aloud to have great skin. Be the man that can break these stereotypes.   Don’t forget to share these tips with your loved ones.

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