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  • 7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Beauty Cabinet

    April 02, 2018 3 min read

    Spring is here, and warmer weather is approaching. It's the perfect time to edit your existing beauty collection and update your routine to accomodate the changes a new season brings.

    Here are seven things you can do now to prepare your beauty stash for spring!

    1. Check expiration dates.
    It’s a good idea to remember to do this at least twice a year—and what better time than spring? Makeup and skin care products do expire, and if you keep using it, you risk break-outs and bacterial infections. Lip products should be replaced yearly. Cosmetics that come into contact with your eyes should get tossed every 3-6 months.
    You should also check your moisturizer and sunscreen for an expiration date. If anything is expired, or you’re in doubt, throw it out!

    2. Wash your tools.
    Makeup brushes and facial devices are prime breeding grounds for bacteria. If you use your brushes every day, you should be washing them every week. Of course, we’re all human and this is definitely one of those chores that tends to fall by the wayside. To combat this, make a little brush-washing station by the sink to remind you to do this more often. Stock the area with clean washcloths, a pretty jar to hold brushes, and a special cleansing solution just for your beauty tools. Replace the brush heads on your cleansing device every 3 months.

    3. Reorganize.
    There’s nothing like springtime to make you want to throw open your windows…and then toss everything you own out of them. Harness that energy and use it to do a deep organization of your beauty products. Once your expired products are thrown out, take an honest look at what’s left and get rid of anything that you never use. The general rule is f you haven't picked it up in the past 3-6 months chances are you aren't going to use it. Once you purge things you won't use, h
    ave some fun with reorganizing what’s left : get creative with used candle jars, vintage teacups, pretty trays, and acrylic organizers to display your prettiest and most-used products.

    4. Switch out your SPF if needed.
    Expired SPF loses its efficacy, so if you're using a sunscreen past it's expiration date - you're at risk of sun exposure, sun damage and sunburn. Even if your SPF is still good, spring is a great excuse to upgrade your sunscreen. If your sunscreen is below SPF 30, makes your skin too greasy, makes you break out, has a weird smell, or just doesn’t excite you, swap it for one that makes you happy. After all, you’ll be wearing it every single day, right?

    5. Update your daily moisturizer.
    Most of us don’t have the same skin care needs year-round. Your winter moisturizer is probably too rich for summer, so it’s a good idea to switch to one that’s lighter and contains SPF 30. We love the Daily Moisture SPF 30 Concentrate ($100).

    6. Think more matte.
    In the winter it makes sense to reach for any makeup that promises a dewy glow, but once the weather gets warmer, those products will turn your face into a puddle. Yikes. Luckily, you don’t have to throw away your usual BB or foundation—just consider adding a finishing spray to your routine. Clarifying Toner
    ($35) is a great option that sets powder products and extends the wear of your makeup for a flawless finish.

    7. Brighten up your palette.

    Winter is the time for deep, dark shades on your lips and nails - but spring is the perfect time to add a bright, punchy pop of color. Ease yourself into a summery mood by brightening up your makeup palette a little at a time; maybe with a coral blush or a peachy-nude lip color.


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