Avoid a Post-Workout Breakout

We've all been there, we get into a good rhythm when it comes to fitness and then right when you start feeling your best, BAM - your face is breaking out.

Luckily, taking time to focus on your pre and post-workout routines can keep your skin looking as good as you feel.


1. Take it all off.

Going into the gym with a bare face might be intimidating but it can save you from a skincare disaster later on. When we exercise, sweat mixes with the impurities on the surface of the skin and makes it easier for them to enter the pores, and contaminate them. The best way to avoid this is to remove dirt, oil, and makeup prior to working out. Ideally, we recommend a gentle scrub or cleanser but if you're in a pinch or don't have access to water - use a cleansing wipe (use at least 2 wipes to ensure you're getting everything off).


2. Watch your hands.

In the gym, there's no way to avoid getting your hands dirty, but touching gym equipment then touching your face introduces all kind of bacteria to the skin, which can result in blemishes and irritation. To be safe, wipe down all gym equipment with an anti-bacterial wipe before and after you use it, avoid touching your face while exercising, and wash your hands with soap and water when you're done.


3. Pull it back.

If you are a diligent hand and face washer but still can't seem to keep your skin clear, the culprit might be your hair. Our scalps produce oil, and when mixed with sweat, can clog pores. Not pulling your hair up and away from your face while working out can cause breakouts on your forehead, neck, back and shoulders. Carry extra hair ties to be safe, and wear an athletic headband to keep bangs out of your face.


4. Mist Away.

A facial mist is an excellent way to get soothing, bacteria-fighting ingredients onto your skin easily, and without having to pack a lot of products. Mists with ingredients like Rosewater and Salicylic Acid can kill pore clogging bactera while also soothing and calming post-workout redness. Mist before, during and after your workout for the best results.


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