Explained: The Most Common Skin Conditions

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Everyone’s skin is unique and that means that your experience can be completely different from people you’re very close to in life. That’s why you may have skin conditions that other people you know have, and the same goes for them. 

It’s not worth fretting over though, because no matter what your skin type, you’re going to experience at least one of these most common skin conditions in your life. The silver lining? They’re so common that you can treat these skin conditions and prevent them using products that work to fight the issues.

Breakouts & Acne

This happens to anyone and everyone, no matter what your skin type is -- that’s why it’s so easy to talk to other people about it, and learn about their methods for treating breakouts. When we talk about breakouts and acne, there’s a few things we need to consider. 

Normally, breakouts will occur where our skin has more oil glands, that’s why normally you’ll find it happens on your face, upper back and shoulders. When a breakout happens, that simply means your hair follicle has been filled up with dead skin cells, oil and at times, bacteria that can eventually lead to swelling, redness and inflammation. 

So, what can you do to help prevent this and help treat a breakout if it’s happening? We’ve got some tips. 

First one is…cleanse! It’s so important to keep your face cleansed in the morning and at night. However, you’re going to want to make sure you’re using a gentle cleanser and not over doing it, since that can lead to dryness. We recommend using ourPurifying Foam Cleanser as it’s sulfate-free and removes impurities gently from your pores.

When a breakout or acne flare up happens, you’ll also want to avoid using products with too much oil in them. If you do, this can feed your skin exactly what it doesn’t need more of at the time. So, for prevention, we recommend using cleansers that aren’t oil based.

You’re also going to want to make sure you don’t try popping or picking. We know it’s tempting, but this can actually lead to scarring and further inflammation. On top of that, you’ll also want to consider cutting back on foods linked to breakouts such as sugary foods and dairy, and of course, make sure you are drinking plenty of water, which will help to clear your skin. 


Chapped Lips

chapped lips lip mask lip balm

Oftentimes, we can forget that our lips need just as much, if not more love than the rest of our face. Chapped lips happen to the best of us, and it can be a recurring issue without proper lip maintenance! 

How can you prevent it? We recommend using balms like ourPerfect Pout Lip Balm since it not only intensely hydrates lips, but also repairs the skin. We also highly recommend steering away from any lip scrubs and using a lip mask instead! Wondering why? Well those lip scrubs can do a lotmore damage than you think, whereas alip mask will help nourish, heal and plump.

Psst. You can get ourPerfect Pout Duo to consistently prevent chapped lips- make it part of your everyday routine for plump, hydrated, gorgeous lips!



This condition is more common than you may think, plus it’s easy to spot. Rosacea causes your skin to become red across your nose and cheeks, during flare ups you can also get small bumps that almost look like pimples. 

With more and more research being done, dermatologists are able to properly diagnose rosacea and develop products that help keep the condition at bay. 

Using an oil will help keep the condition and flare ups of rosacea calm. Unlike acne, using an oil like ourHydrating Essence Beauty Oil, regularly can help reduce flare ups and treat one too. Why? Because oils help reduce inflammation which is what is happening when you’re experiencing rosacea. On top of that, using something like ourClarifying Toner, which contains 20% aloe and rosewater to calm and balance the skin, is a great addition to your routine if you experience this. 

Rosacea is also another skin condition that benefits from a certain type of diet. By focusing on eating healthy fats, foods that are high in fiber, turmeric, ginger and more you can help control the amount of rosacea flare ups you get.


Sun Burns 


Everyone and anyone can get a sunburn, and if you’ve had a bad one in the past or if you’re prone to them you know how painful they can be. That’s why, you always want to focus on preventing this from happening and when it does, treating it properly. 

First and foremost, the best way to prevent a sunburn is to wear sunscreen to battle those UV rays. Using something like ourDaily Moisture SPF30 Concentrate everyday doesn’t make you feel like you’re adding a step to your routine either since it acts as a powerful anti aging moisturizer. By the way, you want to make sure you’re wearing SPF all year round, not only in the summertime! Those UV rays never, ever take a break.

If you happen to find yourself with a sunburn, there’s a lot of ways to help your skin recover. One of the best ways is to consistently use a moisturizer that soothes the skin like ourNight Replenishment Concentrate. This luxurious moisturizer in particular focuses on restoring your skin’s critical moisture and boosts cell turnover to help repair. 

TheClarifying Toner is also a key product when taking care of a sunburn thanks for the aloe and rosewater! It will help to leave your skin feeling cool, calm and refreshed.

Most importantly, if you have a sunburn, don’t go back out in the sun and if you have to make sure you’re covering up that area of your skin completely to avoid any further damage.


Sun Spots 

We thought we would touch on this right after sun burns since it is in fact, an outcome of sun damage. This happens to many of us as we age and even if we’re using our SPF30 on the daily, it’s still easy to fall victim to UV rays and get sun spots.

So, how do you help prevent or treat them?

When it comes to prevention, just like sun burns you’ll want to consistently and always use an SPF30 moisturizer and sunscreen. 

When sun spots do appear, there are ways you can help reduce the look of them. First off, a powerful serum can help, one like ourCellular Rejuvenating Concentrate. It works to heal skin and provides intense hydration not only on the surface of your skin but deep at the cellular level.

When it comes to sun spots, ourDiamond Contour Supercharged 1-Minute Daily Facial houses crushed diamonds for gentle exfoliation and fruit enzymes which help brighten your skin’s pigmentation -- which means sun spots too!


Dry Skin

There are so many different levels of dry skin, it can be hard to know what’s best for you. First and foremost though, you’re going to want to make sure your skin is actually dry and not dehydrated (yes, there is a difference and you can learn all about thathere).

So, if you notice your skin is quite dry you’ll want to make sure you’re using products that promote moisture. This means using cleansers that don’t strip oil away and moisturizers that go deep into your skin. 

Using ourNight Replenishment Concentrate is a great first step to maximizing hydration in your skin. A great way to boost that even further is using ourHydrating Essence Beauty Oil which was mentioned as a way to also help with Rosacea.