Glow 3 ways with the Hydrating Essence

Soon, Spring officially starts and our skin couldn’t be happier. Cold air, rain, and snow drys out the complexion, leaving your skin dull. Now, is the time to wake up dehydrated skin with our Hydrating Essence.

This glow-maker contains 8 essential oils and Vitamin E not only to hydrate but also to nourish your skin. There are countless ways how you can get the best out of this Beauty Booster, today we are highlighting 3 tips.

  1. Apply oil to bare face

Dr. Kaplan does not recommend applying mineral oil to your face but he recommends the Hydrating Essence. Applying the beauty oil to your entire face before you go to bed will assure deeply hydrated and nourished skin when you wake-up. The containing Lavender Essential Oil works also as a calming aromatherapy and will improve your night’s rest.

  1. Hydration Booster

Hydration is much needed especially during winter. During the colder months, it is more common to get flaky and patchy dry spots on our face. No need to worry because you can super-charge your facial moisturizer and foundation with additional hydration and skin-care benefits. Mix 1 - 2 drops of the Hydrating Essence into your moisturizer or foundation and apply to skin. This step will not only boost hydration but also leaving your skin with a soft, supple and radiant glow.

Mixing a few drops of the Hydrating Essence into your foundation will give your face a dewy red carpet glow. Even Makeup artists like Patrick Ta are using this trick to prep celebrities before a red carpet event.

  1. Natural Highlight

Who doesn’t love a beautiful highlight that looks super natural and adds skincare benefits to your skin? The Hydrating Essence is a real multi-tasker that, applied to the cheekbones of your face, delivers a boost of radiance. Only one step needed, tap the Hydrating Essence with your fingers along the cheekbones.