June 23, 2020 1 min read


Dr. Kaplan’s newest innovation and latest addition to the Diamond Contour Collection utilizes an EXCLUSIVE Brazilian Rose Quartz applicator to provide some amazing and surprising benefits! Get to know more about why Dr. Kaplan decided to use a Rose Quartz roller in his NEW Diamond Contour Neck Serum below!

Provides Multiple Skin Benefits

When creating the Diamond Contour Lifting Rose Quartz Neck Serum, Dr. Kaplan enjoyed the benefit of having an applicator, beauty roller and serum all-in-one, so no separate tool would be needed. Dr. Kaplan opted for Rose Quartz as it retains cold more effectively than other materials, like metal. The coolness has soothing benefits but also encourages skin firmness, as the cool crystal helps contract collagen. The crystal roller also promotes lymphatic drainage and skin circulation, contours the neck, soothes and calms the skin, and improves overall skin tone.

Because of the rolling function and gentle massage pressure that is applied to the neck when using the product, it also enhances the delivery of the highly efficacious key ingredients. 

Encourages Love And Healing Vibrations

Rose Quartz crystal is known as the stone of universal love, and provides many healing benefits. Rose Quartz helps to promote feelings of self-love, deep inner healing and peace. When used in your skincare routine, the crystal helps stimulate blood circulation to bring more oxygen to the skin, this encourages a natural glow, but also helps to relieve stress and tension in the muscles, making Rose Quartz is the perfect addition to your self-care routine! 

Learn more and discover the benefits of our NEW Diamond Contour Lifting Rose Quartz Neck Serum today.

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