How to Perfect Your Nighttime Routine

Our skin cells turn over rapidly at night to accelerate skin’s repair and regeneration, giving us a healthy, bright complexion. Cell turnover is hindered when we do not properly cleanse our skin, leaving dirt, makeup and pollutants behind. To best prepare your skin for sleep, first use a beauty oil to gently break up makeup and sebum. Follow this with a gentle foaming cleanser (Purifying Foam Cleanser, $25) to help gently remove any remaining dirt or makeup, and leave your skin fresh and clean. This also allows the skin to properly absorb serums and moisturizers.

Healthy skin has an optimal pH 5.5, which means it is slightly acidic. Maintaining the correct pH-Balance is essential to minimize problems such as eczema, dry skin and other skin problems. Since effective cleansers are slightly alkaline, it’s important to use an alcohol-free toner (Clarifying Toner, $30)post-cleansing to restore skin’s pH.

Moisturizers that are suitable for daytime should include SPF and tend to be light, so they can sit well under makeup. In the evening, we are able to use heavier night creams that deeply hydrate and nourish our bare skin while we sleep, while also encouraging cell turnover and collagen production (Night Replenishment Concentrate, $85).

Don’t neglect your lips! Apply an ultra-hydrating Lip Balm before bed to prevent dryness (Lip Balm, $25).