June 09, 2020 2 min read

Did you know that being around your friends is a form of self-care, and can provide plenty of health benefits? According toPsychology Today, socializing is associated with a stronger immune system and boosts feelings of well-being. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite tips on how to stay connected with your closest girlfriends for the ultimate virtual girls night in!

Set Up A Virtual Happy Hour

What better way to socialize with friends and family than over a drink and a few snacks? Set up a recurring happy hour with loved ones, and to make it even more fun, give each happy hour a different theme! We love having Formal Friday Happy Hours with friends as it gives us an excuse to rock our favorite Perfect Pout Lipstick shade. We recommend video chat platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, and Instagram’s very own video chat.  

Virtual Game Night Anyone?

Interested in a good competitive game night but stuck inside? Set up a virtual game night with friends! Plenty of free apps like Psych! (iOS /Android), Yahtzee (iOS /Android), andGame Pigeon for iOS can be used to connect with friends and family without leaving your comfy bed!

Masking & Movie Night

Grab your favorite masking products (like our Perfect Pout Duo or Diamond Contour Daily Facial) and set up a movie night with Chrome Extensions likeNetflix Party. Netflix Party allows you and your loved ones to remotely stream the same movie or show - the best part is that the extension synchronizes the video so you won’t have to worry about someone being a few seconds ahead or behind. 

How do you virtually stay connected with loved ones? Let us know over on our Instagram and Facebook!

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