How To Prevent Dry, Chapped Lips This Summer

While we’re lathering up on sunscreen and searching for our favorite sun hat, it’s crucial to not neglect a sensitive area on our face - our lips! It’s important to maintain lip health all year long, but especially during the summertime, as this area is easily prone to sunburns and developing skin cancers. We’ve rounded up three tips to help maintain a healthy and beautiful pout this summer!

Apply SPF to your lips

UV rays are extremely harmful to our skin and lips. UV exposure impacts collagen production in our lips causing them to become thinner over time. Protect your lips with an SPF-filled lip balm or lipstick (like our Perfect Pout Lip Balm or Lipstick) and make sure to ditch non-SPF balms and glosses. These lip products tend to attract and magnify sunlight and UV radiation, further increasing the risk of developing skin cancer.

Don’t forget to (gently) exfoliate

Similar to other areas of our body, our lips gather a build-up of dead skin cells. It is important to not reach for an abrasive lip scrub as they don’t provide any nourishing or hydrating benefits to your lips. Lip scrubs create micro-tears on the skin of the lips, often making them drier, chapped and ultimately in need of deep moisture.

It’s best to avoid lip scrubs altogether and instead look for exfoliators that contain natural fruit enzymes  (like our Perfect Pout Lip Mask) to gently dissolve and slough away dead skin, while simultaneously healing and moisturizing the healthy skin underneath. 

Stay hydrated!

Healthy lips start from within, which is why it is important to stay hydrated especially on hot summer days. Dehydration often leads to lip dryness and chapping. It’s crucial to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to properly stay hydrated.

Searching for the perfect lip products for optimal lip health just got easier. Our Perfect Pout Collection was formulated to help users maintain healthy beautiful lips. Shop our range of lip products today!