How to Take Care of Your Skin When You're Sick

It's a hard fact of life, with cold weather comes actual colds. And with a cold, comes parched, irritated skin that looks just as bad as you feel. Here are our favorite tips on how to keep your complexion glowing when your body is busy braving the common cold.



This rule applies whether you're sick or not, but when your body is in need of moisture, it steals it from your skin. Make sure to replenish by drinking at least 64oz of water a day and running a humidifier if possible to increase the moisture in the air.



Put your favorite masks and creams in the refrigerator before applying. The cool treatments will soothe the skin, while also providing relief for headaches and congestion.



Your typical 2x per day will probably not be enough, reapply a thick moisturizer throughout the day and give extra TLC to your nose, whch is easily irritated by constant rubbing.



Peppermint has the power to clear sinuses and stimulate circulation to give sallow skin a much needed glow. Get these skin boosting benefits by using products that contain Peppermint Oil (like our Perfect Pout Lipsticks!)




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