Why Your Lip Scrub May Be Damaging Your Lips | Lip Scrub Risks

Everyone has heard of them and (unfortunately) a lot of people are using them. We are talking about lip scrubs. We asked Dr. Kaplan for the inside scoop on scrubs and what they actually do for our skin’s health.


Are Lip Scrubs Good For Chapped Lips?

When your lips are chapped and dry, it can be tempting to want to scrub away any dead skin. This is why many people turn to lip scrubs when their lips become chapped. Scrubs by nature are abrasive. We all know what happens when we pull dead skin off our lips when they are chapped - our lips become raw and very sensitive.


Then when you use a lip scrub, this is essentially what is happening; an abrasive scrub on the delicate skin of our lips can make them raw and painful.


Why Are Lip Scrubs Bad?

A lip scrub exfoliates good and bad skin on your lips, and they then become dry and scabbed. This ultimately results in even more chapped skin. Using a scrub is not unlike to taking sandpaper to your dry chapped lips! In addition to the damaging, abbrasive effects that a scrub can have, most lip scrubs do not add anything nourishing or beneficial to your lips in the form of hydration or anti-aging benefits.

What is the Best Way To Heal Chapped Lips?

A healthy, effective solution for getting rid of chapped lips is using a lip mask and a hydrating lip balm. Lip masks use gentle chemical exfoliation to tackle dry skin while infusing your lips with long-lasting moisture. This solution allows you to both prevent and tackle dry, chapped lips, while helping lips to be naturally more hydrated and full.


In addition to a lip mask, ensuring you maintain your lip health by using lip balm or lipstick with SPF is critical to preventing any further damage, and stopping chapped lips in their tracks. Whether you're looking for a more natural look, or want to go bold without compromising your lip's health, KAPLAN MD's line of lip colour has you covered.


Looking for the ultimate lip-protecting pair? We recommend the Perfect Pout. The duo consists of a LIP Mask and a LIP Balm. The LIP 20 Mask instantly transforms chapped, dry lips into softer and smoother lips. The star ingredient in the LIP 20 Mask is papaya enzymes. Papaya enzymes help your lips to gently exfoliate away dry skin without harming or irritating the delicate skin on your lips. It also contains hyaluronic acid to rehydrate chapped lips. Marine Collagen will naturally plump your lips and fill in lip wrinkles to create a natural fuller looking lip.


The golden rule in skincare is to apply a hydrating Lip Balm after exfoliating to seal in moisture. We recommend following up with the LIP Balm which also contains SPF 20.


KAPLAN MD’s Special Tip: For extremely chapped lips we recommend applying a thin layer of LIP Mask on overnight to wake up to soft, full, smooth and kissable lips!

 Perfect pout moisturizing lip balm

Perfect Pout Lip Balm

Ultra Hydrating Treatment + Sunscreen SPF 30

$25.00 USD

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