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  • Methanol: Why You Should Avoid It

    October 22, 2020 4 min read

    There’s a lot of ingredients out there that should be avoided in order to maintain proper health for your entire body -- not just your skin.

    Methanol is one of those. 

    Now, you’ve probably heard about Methanol since it’s been making headlines lately when it comes to hand sanitizer, and the FDA has been all over this. Continuously, the FDA has been updating its list of hand sanitizers that consumers should avoid due to their use of methanol, with some housing 75% of it in their product. 

    You can be confident when you use the KAPLAN MD Skincare Purifying Hand Sanitizer Gel though, since it’s 100% Certified Methanol-Free and contains 75% Isopropyl Alcohol so you can be sure you’re safe with us.

    Hand sanitizers in general have been under the magnifying glass, and for good reason. Even Purell has recently been accused of misleading customers in regards to how effective their hand sanitizer is.

    So, what exactly is it that’s so bad about methanol? 

    Well, just like knowing why ingredients are good for you, it’s also important to know all about the bad ones too -- so let’s let’s dive in. 


    What IS Methanol?

    This watery liquid that’s completely colorless is a lot more toxic than you may think. At its base level, methanol is a toxic alcohol and is used for a number of things (which we’ll get into later). It also goes under a couple of different names like Carbinol and, Methyl Alcohol and Wood Alcohol.  

    We also produce it ourselves because it’s naturally in things like fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, fermented beverages and aspartame (which is in many diet soft drinks) - but the methanol you’ll find in those hand sanitizers do more harm than you know. 

    You may have heard about methanol poisonings in the past, and normally this actually occurs when people drink something contaminated with methanol, or inhale it if they’re working in an industrial setting. 

    Overall, the clear liquid is toxic to us to the point of potentially causing death or blindness, so you want to try your hardest to completely steer clear of it, especially when it comes to skincare and your hand sanitizer. 


    Because it doesn’t just pose a threat if you ingest it or inhale it. If your skin absorbs the liquid, you’re still putting the toxic liquor on your body which can cause serious harm.

    What Is Methanol Used For?

    Unfortunately, even though it is toxic it’s still used in countless forms, and you may not even know. Normally, methanol is used for fuel, solvents or antifreeze -- so nothing you’d come across, right?


    Methanol is also found in a lot of skincare products -- mainly cleansers, hand sanitizers or moisturizers. It’s often used in skincare products as a thinning agent, making products easier to apply and also as a preservative.

    So, next time you’re searching for a skincare product (or a hand sanitizer) you’re going to want to ensure you’re buying one with zero methanol in it because consistent use of this on your skin can in fact do damage.

    Remember, we do have our Purifying Hand Sanitizer Gel that is completely free of methanol and safe for your skin!

    Why You Should Avoid Methanol

    Now, let’s really get into the details as to how methanol can actually affect your skin and why you should be avoiding it when considering what products you buy.

    Methanol is a type of alcohol that contains a low molecular weight. This means that methanol actually promotes dryness and is sensitive to the skin. Though oftentimes methanol isn’t one of the main ingredients, you're still being exposed to it. 

    On top of that, methanol also tends to disrupt your skin’s top layers. How does it do that? Well, it assists ingredients in penetrating the skin more effectively, but in the wrong way. When methanol is used it’s done by completely destroying substances on your skin’s surface layers that work to make your skin look healthy and young. 

    The longer you use it in your skincare routine, the harder your skin is hit with methanol damage.

    Lastly, research has shown that the look of aging is increased the longer your skin is exposed to methanol. So, even though you think you might be using a great product for your anti-aging routine, you’re doing more harm than good. 

    The Bright Side


    Shop Purifying Hand Sanitizer Gel 

    More and more people are reading about methanol and the dangers of it being in skincare products and especially hand sanitizers thanks to growing publicity on the topic. As people begin to learn, everyone’s attitude towards those ingredients changes and we can work together to highlight products that are good for you and work wonders on your skin. 

    Remember, if you’re looking for a sanitizer that’s going to treat your hands in a gentle, non-toxic way, you can always try out our Purifying Hand Sanitizer Gel!

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