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    May 31, 2024 3 min read

    You’ve been asking for it, and Dr. Kaplan heard you! Say hello to our very first body care product, the Diamond Contour Insta-Glow Gommage Body Peel

    The first of its kind in the collection, this unique body peel formula has been perfected by Dr. Kaplan to ensure the best results to begin elevating your body care routine. Why did he decide to develop the Diamond Contour Insta-Glow Gommage Body Peel and focus on body care?

    Because there aren’t enough body care products out there that are innovative and can deliver incredible results in an easy way. This is exactly what the Body Peel does, it keeps your body care routine simple, but delivers remarkable results.

    This first-ever body care product at KAPLAN MD Skincare is an innovative formula using Bionic Acids and Pineapple Ceramides to shed dead skin cells, while simultaneously using Babassu Oil from the Amazon to deeply hydrate. Not only is this original formula a one-of-a-kind for your body care, it instantly results in softer, smoother skin.

    Using Dr. Kaplan’s secret ingredient in the formula, Crushed Diamonds, new cells will be surfaced, leaving your skin looking polished and smooth from shoulders to your toes.

    Ready to learn more about the first body care product that Dr. Kaplan has ever released? 


    The Science Behind It

    Unlike the rest of the Diamond Contour Collection, the Insta-Glow Gommage Body Peel has been formulated to specifically benefit your body as the first product of its kind in the collection, and should not be used on your face. 

    What makes it different from the other products? Dr. Kaplan’s science behind it, of course.

    With the skin on our body being made up of larger cells than on our face, it requires a different type of formula with different ingredients. The skin on our faces is also much thinner than the rest of our body which is why using something different is essential. Though this all might sound like your body can handle a harsher ingredient or exfoliation, this still isn’t the case, and that’s why this new exfoliating body peel is still a gentle, nourishing product. 

    One of the best parts about the science of this product? It tells you when you’ve exfoliated enough. As you massage it in, it transforms into gel-like pieces, this is an indicator from the formula that it is lifting, and carrying away dead skin cells that will be removed. Dr. Kaplan believes this is a great indicator to make the routine easier, instead of wondering when exactly you’ve massaged the product enough.

    Instead of just simply exfoliating, Dr. Kaplan ensured that the hydration is also a key component of this formula. Using the remarkable Babassu Oil, your skin is hydrated while the gentle exfoliation process is underway.


    The Results

    After every use, you’ll notice beautiful radiant skin instantly that feels smoother and is visibly brighter. These instant results are thanks to the soft exfoliating formula and skin-quenching hydration within.


    The Ingredients Behind the Results

    Bionic Acids

    This incredible ingredient is a potent, but gentle, combination of Maltobionic Acid and Glycolic Acid. Both worth together to exfoliate, firm and brighten skin tone all at once. This ingredient leaves skin looking, and feeling fresher than ever before.

    Babassu Oil

    With an exfoliating ingredient, your body will need to be refreshed and hydrated. This is where Babassu Oil comes in. This light, super hydrating tropical oil from the Amazon (from the babassu palm tree) isn’t greasy and leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

    Pineapple Ceramides

    Working together with Bionic Acids, these Pineapple Ceramides within the formula provide enzymatic  skin exfoliation. This not only exfoliates the skin on your body for soft, smooth skin but also strengthens and brightens for an even healthier glow.

    Crushed Diamonds

    As with the rest of the Diamond Contour Collection, Crushed Diamonds are a key ingredient within the Insta-Glow Gommage Body Peel. These work to polish and resurface skin bringing to the surface new cells for radiant skin like never before

    The How-To

    Dr. Kaplan’s view on skincare and body care remains the same with this powerful new formula within the Diamond Contour Insta-Glow Gommage Body Peel, it’s simple to use even though it delivers powerful results.

    To start, it is not recommended to use on your face, private areas or broken skin. For the rest of your body, the steps are simpler than you may think.

    1) Shake well before using 

    2) Spray the product onto skin and gently massage

    3) After the product transforms into soft, gel-like pieces rinse and pat dry

    4) Use daily for the best results

    TIP: For extra dry or flaky build up on knees, elbows and heels, let the product sit for 30 seconds before massaging in!

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