The Best 3 Lip Balm Ingredients For Preventing Chapped Lips This Winter

the best lip balm ingredients for dry, chapped lips


Loading up on your favorite lip balm is crucial as the temps begin to cool and strong winds can leave our lips dry, chapped, and cracked. While keeping your lips moisturized and healthy is crucial there are some ingredients that simply mask the issue without providing long-term relief. This is why we’ve rounded up the top 3 ingredients you should always look out for in your lip balm.


Beeswax is a nutrient-rich substance made by bees and contains natural emulsifiers to not only effectively lock in moisture but help retain it in the skin all while nourishing, softening, and protecting. This ingredient is especially helpful for anyone combating dry and chapped lips.

Hyaluronic Acid

We all know the wonders hyaluronic acid can do for our skin but did you know it works magic on lips as well! This hard-working ingredient is a naturally occurring substance that swells and plumps the lips with moisture to provide long-lasting hydration. Long gone are the days you have to worry about your lips drying out throughout the day!


Need we say more? We recommend looking for a lip balm that contains at least SPF 30 as this crucial ingredient will protect your pout from getting a painful, dehydrating sunburn. Besides protecting your lips from a nasty sunburn, sun exposure destroys collagen which overtime can make lips thinner. Even in Winter, SPF protection is critical for maintaining our lip health, 

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