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    August 11, 2020 5 min read

    tips to protect your skin from the sun this summer


    Every single year before and during the summer season, sun protection becomes top of mind. Usually, at the helm of this conversation is sunscreen. Though this is a good thing, there’s many of us who assume that as long as we’re using sunscreen, we’re safe from the sun.

    Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Sun protection goes much deeper than that.

    Though sunscreen does help in countless ways, there’s a lot of other things that we need to focus on to ensure we’re protecting ourselves from sun damage as much as possible.

    This year, with COVID-19 shaking the entire world, sun protection has fallen a bit on the wayside for some since we weren’t going outdoors as often. But now, at the peak of summer, we need to ensure that no matter what we’re doing and where we are during (and after) this pandemic that we’re all keeping our skin safe too.

    Today, we want to share with you a few of the less obvious tips on sun protection, seven of them to be exact. From eating healthy, to your skincare routine and everything in between, it’s all important.

    Use Protection In Cloudy & Cool Weather

    Though this definitely isn’t a new tip, it’s always good to remind ourselves that our sun protection routine is still absolutely necessary no matter the weather outside. When it comes to clouds, UV rays can push right through them, so even though you may not feel hot or the sun on your skin, the damage is still being done.

    It is true that there’s times of the year and day where UV rays are strongest (like midday in the summer), but that doesn’t mean we can all take a break when it’s cloudy. If one day, thin clouds fill the sky and a decision is made to skip your sunscreen or sun protection practices, it can actually end up doing more damage than you’d think. 

    So, what’s the best way to make sure you’re on top of your sun protection practices no matter the weather? Start getting used to having sunscreen as a part of your daily skincare routine (even in the winter).

    Learn about our Daily Moisture SPF 30 Concentrate, the benefits and how it can fit into your routine.

    Eat healthy, help your skin


    Tips for protecting your skin with SPF

    Year after year we all learn more about how eating healthy does wonders for our body in ways we didn’t know. Your diet can truly change everything and even help to protect your skin. 

    First and foremost, our good old friend Vitamin C works wonders to help protect from the inside. This antioxidant works to help neutralize free radicals that your sunscreen isn’t taking care of. Plus, it has great anti-aging benefits. So, stock up on those oranges and pineapples!

    Now, let’s quickly touch on Omega-3s. There’s many health benefits here but what really helps protect your skin from damage is its anti-inflammatory effects which helps reduce skin inflammation from UV rays. A good way to add more Omega-3s into your diet? Try adding some flaxseeds to your smoothie or eating more fish!

    There’s plenty more where those two came from though, including probiotics and Vitamin E.

    Before we move on, we wanted to remind you that even though eating these foods help protect your skin, it’s never a replacement for sunscreen! These foods just simply add an extra layer of protection. 

    Psst. Stay tuned on the Beauty Edit for more posts on how food contributes to skincare!

    Indoor Sun Protection is Important

    If you’re having a lazy Sunday at home or driving in your car, UV rays are still hitting your skin. Sun protection is often thought of as something we only need to worry about when we’re outside, but those UV rays are looking at windows and gently making their way right through them.

    Typically UVB rays are blocked by glass, but UVA rays actually aren’t stopping at your windows at home or in your car, those ones can go right through them. UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin which causes your skin to age faster, contributing to premature aging. So, if you’ve been working from home and have your desk by a window, or if you’re driving fairly often, you may want to think about applying some sunscreen even if you’re indoors.

    Constantly repair

    Due to UV rays in the summer, and every other season, your skin needs constant care and repair even if you don’t have a sunburn. Your skincare routine should always include products that feed your skin the nutrients it needs to fight free radicals and stay moisturized. Sure a sunburn is an obvious sign of damage, but oftentimes we can barely notice what the sun is doing to us on a daily basis. 

    At KAPLAN MD Skincare, we always make sure that our products and routines are working to repair and rejuvenate your skin in a healthy way using products that work. Our Daily Regimen is the best way that we all stay on top of keeping our skin as healthy as possible. 

    Never, ever forget about your lips

    Keep your lips protected with SPF lipstick

    Your lips are a very sensitive part of your face since the skin on them is much thinner than the rest. On top of this, your lips produce a minimal amount of melanin which increases their vulnerability to environmental stressors -- like UV rays. 

    The problem is, countless people forget to apply an SPF balm or an SPF lipstick to their lips. It’s easy to forget though, considering it’s sunscreen that people often think of first (and that is something you don’t want to get all over your lips!). If you’ve ever burnt your lips in the sun, you know why it’s important. This can be very painful, like a burn would be elsewhere, but it’s difficult to cover up and heal since the skin’s so sensitive. 

    We love using the Perfect Pout Lipstick to give our lips a bit of a color while also keeping them protected from sun damage and free radicals. 

    Oh, and don’t forget about your eyes!

    Now this is one we all know about, and sunglasses are something almost everyone has in their home for the summer season. This is a great start, however it’s something that also needs to be focused on all year round. Since those UV rays are strong no matter what the season, you want to make sure your eyes are always protected.

    On that note, you want to make sure you’ve also invested in the right sunglasses. This means looking for sunglasses that have 100% UV protection. Oftentimes, many of us simply assume there’s UV ray protection in sunglasses, but when you do some digging you’ll find many have minimal. 

    Know your skin and its changes

    Your skin is constantly changing, and when it comes to protecting it from the sun, another valuable thing to do is just simply keep an eye on it. You know your body and your skin better than anyone else, so if you notice a sunburn, new wrinkles, acne spots or anything in between there’s always something at KAPLAN MD Skincare that can help with what’s happening.

    Ready to make sure you’re fully protecting your skin from sun damage? We’ve got our entire Sun Protection collection ready and waiting for you.

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