Why Makeup Wipes Are Terrible For Your Skin...

We’re all far too familiar with the scenario. We get home after a long day, have some dinner and catch up on our DVR. Suddenly you’re exhausted and ready to head to bed but...you’re still wearing your full face of makeup. Then comes the dilemma. Do you go through with your entire skincare routine...or do you take a makeup wipe to bed and call it a day? While makeup wipes are a Godsend in a pinch solely for their convenience, they are less than ideal for your skin’s health. Here’s why.  

They don’t really cleanse your skin.  

While makeup wipes rely on the same basic surfectants and emulsifiers that traditional cleansers do, they really just smear the makeup and impurities all over your face. And with the absence of rinsing, you’re leaving behind a residue that can clog pores and inhibit the Cellular rejuvenation that normally takes place while you sleep.

And in addition to that, most makeup wipes contain preservatives to increase their shelf life, so you could be exposing your skin to formaldehyde-releasing chemicals. Not to mention, the general motion of rubbing and tugging at your skin with a wipe can be super irritating.

Our best advice, if you’re not feeling up to your whole routine, just cleanse with a gentle sulfate-Free cleanser and water before bed. And if you absolutely have to use a makeup wipe, use two and rinse with water afterwards.

Sleep well beauties!


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