Deep, warm-toned pink with brown undertones.

Classic and polished.

This ultra-flattering shade
is inspired by Beverly Boulevard, home to the
epitome of casual-chic.


Cool-toned mauve with plum undertones.

Trendy and chic.

This bright, punchy plum is inspired by Melrose Avenue,
the edgy, and always fashion-forward,
mecca for Los Angeles trendsetters.


Clear with a subtle, pearl finish.

Natural and effortless.

A tribute to Dr. Kaplan’s Beverly Hills
Dermatology Clinic, which was the origin of
KAPLAN MD’s guiding philosophy of
Quality, Simplicity and Integrity.


Rich, cool-toned burgundy.

Elegant and sophisticated.

This rich, wine-colored shade is inspired by
the ultra-lux designer storefronts lining
Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills


Nude with pink undertones.

Relaxed and understated.

This soft hue is inspired by the beachy,
bohemian street in the city that
shares it’s name.


Warm brick red with brown undertones.

Glamorous and seductive.

Inspired by the vintage glamour that made
Hollywood Boulevard one of the most
iconic streets in the world.