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  • Why You Should Never Skip Sunscreen On Your Face

    July 17, 2017 2 min read

    why you need to put sunscreen on your face


    "Dr. Kaplan - Sunscreen always makes me breakout, can I skip it on my face?"


    The short answer is unfortunately, no.


    Certain sunscreens can feel greasy or have a chalky finish (especially sunscreens that contain Titanium or Zinc Oxide, which are preferable for sun protection), so it’s understandable you don’t want to wear it on your face, especially if you are worried about breakouts. However, wearing a broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30 is 100% necessary to prevent sun damage, advanced aging, and various types of skin cancer.


    Luckily, there are several quality sunscreens that are made especially for the face, and are labeled “Oil Free” and/or “Non-Comedogenic” so they won’t leave skin greasy or clog your pores. They typically blend seamlessly into the skin and wear perfectly under makeup, so your skin doesn't appear chalky and your makeup doen't appear uneven. Despite their claims, cosmetics like foundations, primers and BB Creams that contain an SPF are not sufficient in protecting your skin against harmful UVA/UVB rays, since the coverage is typically spotty and the product is not adequately applied.


    For optimal skin health and protection, wash your face every day with a gentle cleanser, follow with your toner, serums and moisturizer and then apply your sunscreen last. To eliminate a step, get a moisturizer with a physical SPF of at least 30 and apply liberally to your entire face and neck (Daily Moisture SPF 30 Concentrate, $100).


    Stuart Kaplan, M.D. has been in private practice in Beverly Hills for over 28 years. His expertise in medical and cosmetic dermatology has made him one of the leading dermatologists in the nation, and has earned him worldwide recognition as a Skincare Authority.

    Inspired by the needs of his patients, he created KAPLAN MD Skincare. As a dermatologist, Dr. Kaplan helps patients to feel comfortable in their own skin, while helping their skin communicate a beautiful story.

    This is what KAPLAN MD is all about – Real skincare solutions made with integrity.


    To learn more about KAPLAN MD, click HERE.

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