March 17, 2017 1 min read

Q: Can I use essential oils on my oily skin?

Essential oils are more than just an oil. I would not recommend using mineral oil on your skin, but I would recommend the Hydrating Essence. It contains an exclusive blend of 8 essential oils which work not only to moisturize but to hydrate your skin.

You can have oily skin that isn’t well hydrated or well nourished. Skin that lacks moisture overproduces sebum to compensate. By using a drop or two of essential dry oil on the skin, it will dissolve sebum and nourish the skin to prevent excess oiliness. These essential oils are called essential for a reason. Your skin needs them. Essential oils will nourish and hydrate your skin. They will work as an anti-inflammatory to your skin. The amount of oiliness it will add to your skin is really minimal. I have patients that use the Hydrating Essence on their dry, oily and regular skin - it is helpful for all types of skin.

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