March 25, 2017 1 min read

Spring Break = Sunshine and Fruity Umbrella Drinks. Seems harmless enough, right? Except it’s not! Alcohol consumption can lead to dry skin due to its number one side effect - dehydration. When the water level in your skin suddenly drops, the result is a dull and dry complexion. Also, when fine lines aren't being plumped with moisture, they are more evident, which can add years to your appearance. The biggest risk of drinking cocktails is when consuming these drinks at the beach and in the sun. Alcohol decreases the amounts of antioxidants in the skin, leaving it more susceptible to sun damage (sunburn and melanoma) and premature aging. One of the worst offenders? Margaritas. It turns out that when lime juice or other fruit juices touch your skin and are then exposed to the sun, you can get a chemical reaction which could result in a burn, otherwise known as phytophotodermatitis or lime disease. The chemical reaction occurs when lime juice or fruit juice make the skin extremely sensitive to UV rays. The best way to avoid those horrible burns is by always washing your hands after handling citrus fruits and enjoying cocktails responsible, in the shade.

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