April 02, 2017 1 min read

Our best-selling Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate contains an extensive list of powerful anti-aging ingredients and botanicals to transform the look and feel of the skin. One of these ingredients is Juvinity, a state of the art antioxidant based on Nobel Prize-winning DNA technology and can actually halt the aging process in its tracks. Telomeres are the genetic code that protects the ends of chromosomes. Think of the plastic end caps on the tips of shoelaces, which keep the threads from unwinding. During cell division, the DNA strand unwraps and the genetic information is copied from end to end. But every time a cell divides, part of the Telomere is consumed, causing it to get shorter and shorter. When a Telomere becomes too short, the DNA strand becomes damaged during cell division and can no longer replicate. As a result, the cell dies. This Nobel Prize winning research allows us to pinpoint exactly what is responsible for aging on the cellular level, and that the length of the Telomere is what determines a cell’s lifespan. Juvinity™ works to ensure the length of the telomere, thereby delaying cell aging and increasing the skin cell’s energy and vitality. Juvinity™ is available in the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate, and in the concentration, it was clinically tested for the most effective results against skin aging.

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