February 05, 2016 2 min read

How to Get The Most Out Of Your Beauty Oil Healthy and young looking skin is what we all strive for and now it’s at hands reach. It turns out that adding a few drops of beauty oil can improve your skin tremendously. We rounded up 5 ways to get the most out of your beauty oil.
  1. Give your moisturizer a boost
If you have dry skin, mixing a few drops into your face cream is a great way to boost hydration.Beauty oils are essential in adding that extra vitamin kick to your existing creams.
  1. Upgrade Your Foundation
Mix the Hydrating Essence into your foundation to get a dewy glow. The combo will not only smooth out imperfections but also hydrate your skin all day long.
  1. Extend your sunless tan
There is no better way to hang onto your tan than by offering your skin lots of hydration. You can use our Hydrating Essence as a body oil to prolong the effect of a sunless tan while giving your body a healthy glow.  
  1. De-Frizz Your Hair
Beauty oil is a great treatment to keep your hair looking glossy. You can add a few drops into your conditioner to add extra hydration or apply the oil directly to your ends. If you are suffering from dandruff apply the oil to your scalp and gently massage it into your head. Dandruff will magically disappear. In order to tame flyways apply oil into your palms and glide over your hair.
  1. Get salon-fresh hands
Oilworks wonders on dry cuticles. Apply a few drops to your fingers and gently massage the cuticles to keep your manicure looking fresh and clean.

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