Everything you need to know about L-cysteine

Are we consuming human hair? Your baked goods may contain human hair and you do not even realize it. It comes in the form of L-Cysteine, a non-essential amino acid.

3 Ways L-Cysteine is used in baked products:
  • Reduce the mixing time of the flour dough
  • Stop shrinking of pizza crust after it is flattened
  • Help to move the dough through various bakery processing equipment or dough conditioners.
You will most likely find L-Cystein is bagels, croissants, hard rolls, cake donuts, pita bread, some crackers and Melba toast.
3 countries that produce the products:
L-Cysteine is manufactured in China, Japan and Germany. According to the FDA, L-Cysteine is safe to consume when used at suggested levels of dough conditioning. Human or animal sources may be undesirable to some people. L-Cysteine is sometimes, but not always, listed on labels. L-Cysteine usually appears as an expression after the term “dough conditioner” on the label. However, it needs not to be listed if it is an ingredient used to make other ingredients which are in the final product. For example, L-Cysteine does not need to be labeled as an ingredient in a pizza kit.

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