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  • Dr. Kaplan: The Man Behind the Products

    November 30, 2021 3 min read

    Dr. Kaplan Skincare


    If you’ve ever used any of our products, you’ll know that they truly do transform your skin. The powerhouse formulas come straight from Dr. Stuart Kaplan’s expertise and if you didn’t know already, his motto is all about simplicity; which is why so many people love his products.

    Recently, Dr. Kaplan took home the title of Best Dermatologist of 2021 at the Best of LA Awards. Since then, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you all a little bit more about him. So, if you’ve been wondering who the man behind our famous products is, you’ve stumbled across the right article!

    What makes Dr. Kaplan such an Anti- Aging expert?

    First and foremost, it’s his love for skincare, keeping it simple and making his clients happy. This motto, and the fact that he’s been practicing for over 30 years, has made him one of the leading dermatologists in the USA. 

    When he was just starting out, Dr. Kaplan received his medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Since then, throughout his years, he’s won awards from the American Cancer Society, American Medical Association, the United States Congress and he also holds a seat on the UCLA Scientific Advisory Board.

    You may have also spotted him on some of the most popular media outlets. Why? Because he’s frequently requested to serve as a medical expert on stations like MSNBC, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Univision and Fox News. Additionally, he’s been interviewed by more than 100 publications to discuss cosmetic procedures, skin cancer and everything in between for the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and more.

    What does Dr. Kaplan specialize in?

    Dr. Kaplan Skincare

    As a practicing dermatologist for over 30 years, Dr. Kaplan now specializes in a number of different areas including:

    The Diamond Contour® method is one that he is especially an expert in. Why? Because he actually created it. 

    What is Dr. Kaplan’s Diamond Contour® method?

    Now a favorite amongst not just his clients, but skincare fanatics like you, the Diamond Contour® Method has been clinically proven to transform skin, significantly reducing signs of aging and restoring the 'diamond of youth'. 

    When it comes to cosmetic procedures, Dr. Kaplan feels that too often, doctors and patients together make the mistake of not finding a balance in the face,  which can end up leaving an unnatural look. That’s why he created this method. 

    It all starts with looking at the face as a whole. When we’re young, our face is shaped like a diamond, but as we age, this changes quite slowly into what Dr. Kaplan has coined the Pyramid of Aging. This is when the bottom area of your face becomes wider than the top (jowls become heavy and we start to see sagging in this area). This happens due to fat loss in the temples and cheeks, along with collagen and elastic tissue production decreasing. This is why our cheekbones drop, our temples hollow out along with our eyes and cheeks. Basically, yes… we deflate.

    But this is why the Diamond Contour Method® is such a game changer for anti-aging skincare. This unique treatment works to re-create that Diamond of Youth that we all once had, and it all has to do with finding the balance between the ‘4 facets of beautiful skin’ which are:

    • Texture
    • Plumpness
    • Radiance
    • Rejuvenation


    Originally, the Diamond Contour® Method and the products behind it were only available to Dr. Kaplan’s patients, but now, he’s made it available to everyone. Each and every product in the Diamond Contour Collection is formulated to specifically maximize those four facets of beautiful skin. It’s all even clinically proven to give visible results in just one use! 

    The goal of these products is to address signs of aging on the entire face, neck and hands- so as to create balance- and the diamond of youth. Some people want plump lips, but then don’t think about the skincare needed for their neck, which showcases aging in one spot and not in another, completely throwing off that balance.

    Dr. Kaplan practices the Diamond Contour® Method through cosmetic procedures, but it’s still incredibly important for his patients to use the powerful products in the collection to keep their skin youthful. So, even if you aren’t a patient of his, the Diamond Contour Collection can make a huge difference in your skin when it comes to anti-aging.

    Curious to try Dr. Kaplan’s Diamond Contour® Method yourself? Check out the full collection!

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