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  • Fall Skincare Trends & the Summer Transition

    September 24, 2021 4 min read


    It’s about that time where the weather begins to cool, our scarves come out and we’re preparing for winter. With that preparation, it also involves an updated skincare routine and habits in order to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

    Each and every summer, everyone’s skin faces a number of challenges including:

    • Increased UV ray exposure (yes, even if you use sunscreen!)
    • More exposure to environmental stressors outside like pollution
    • Lack of moisture (oftentimes, people lessen their moisturizing routine thinking that the hot weather keeps their skin hydrated)

    This is why the Fall turns into the season where your skin needs to repair from summer and also prepare for the upcoming colder season… winter. This year, there’s some great Fall skincare trends that help repair and prepare your skin! From gentle exfoliators to repairing moisturizers and more, we’ve got everything you need to update that skincare routine.

    Fall skincare trends in 2021


    Each year, the world of skincare introduces new studies and information that lead to new products and trends that help your skin immensely. This Fall season is no different! This year's fall skincare trends going around are a great reminder of what your skin needs during this time.

    1) A repairing moisturizer

    We’ll say it again, after the summer season repairing is essential. That’s why using an intense moisturizer that goes beyond the top layer of the skin is something that should be in your routine. Using this kind of repairing cream helps moisturize, repair, rejuvenate and make your skin look more youthful in the process.

    We recommend using our newDiamond Contour Collagen Boosting Hydration Créme. Why? Because it not only will help repair, but it’s been clinically-proven to also reduce fine lines, increase hydration and improve skin’s firmness. 

    2) Simple skincare going into cooler months

    The Fall season can get busy for everyone, from kids going back to school, going into the office more often after a summer of getting away and more -- every moment counts! That’s why keeping it simple has come to the forefront.

    Skinimalism is a term that popped up at the beginning of 2021 as a yearly trend, and this feeds into trends happening now. A huge trend going into fall, is making sure your skincare routine is kept simple. That means, simple ingredients that work together to help repair and keep your skin healthy. On top of that, it means keeping your skincare routine short by using products that have everything you need in one.

    We recommend using our Diamond Contour Supercharged 1 Minute Daily Facial to give your skin something that will smooth, plump, exfoliate and rejuvenate all in one step for a more radiant complexion.

    3) Anti-inflammatory products

    Since your skin has gone through some tough times during the summer, it may feel more inflamed or more prone to inflammation. That’s why a huge trend in the fall season is using products to repair and fight that from happening continuously. From sun damage, to those environmental stressors, forgetting certain steps of your routine in the summertime and more, you’ll want to make sure this is included in your fall routine.

    What do we recommend to help with this? Our Purifying Foam Cleanser is incredibly gentle, but works hard to remove what’s unwanted on your skin. Finding products that work gently on your skin is essential for inflammatory repair!

    Additionally, we recommend using our new Diamond Contour Ultimate Hydration Firming Eye Serum which includes ingredients like Kelp Elixir and Mushroom Extract to help reduce puffiness, hydrate, firm and repair your skin’s eye contour area.

    How to repair your skin from summer

    Repairing your skin from the harshness of the summer months may seem like a big undertaking, but it’s actually quite simple! It’s a quick switch to focus on more gentle products as opposed to anything harsh you may have been using prior.


    1) Make sure your exfoliator is gentle

    It’s important in the Fall season to exfoliate so that everything built up from the summer is removed and your skin is refreshed. But, making sure the exfoliator is gentle is incredibly important. Since your skin may have increased sensitivity from the summer months, you want to gently exfoliate.

    We recommend our Cell Renewing Microfoliant, which is incredibly gentle on the skin and focuses on exfoliating and polishing for a radiant glow.

    2) Your neck needs more repairing than you think

    It’s too often that our necks are left out of our skincare routine, which means the skin in that area is in more need than ever for repair after the summer. Due to forgetting about this, your neck is more prone to sun damage, environmental stressors and more. That’s why you’ll want to start repairing ASAP to ensure your neck is prepared for that winter season.

    We recommend using our Diamond Contour Lifting Rose Quartz Neck Serum to help hydrate, strengthen and revitalize the skin on your neck.

    3) Don’t stop using sunscreen

    Too many people will put a pause on sunscreen use once that hot weather goes away. Unfortunately, the sun and UV Rays don’t go away though. That’s why you’ll want to make sure that SPF is incorporated into your routine, in some way -- we recommend finding a light moisturizing that has this built in. That way, you keep your routine simple (as it should be!) while still giving your skin the essential ingredient to fight sun damage.

    We recommend our Daily Moisture SPF30 Concentrate to get not only daily moisture, but what you need to protect and repair your skin.

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