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  • How Lipstick with SPF Can Help Protect Your Lips

    July 08, 2019 2 min read

    We know how important protecting our skin from harmful UV rays is, but there’s one place you’re probably forgetting to protect - your lips! The fix? Protect yourself without sacrificing your look, and choose a lipstick with SPF! Whether you only see the sun during the summer months, or live in a warmer city where the sun is out all year round, protecting your lips is a critical step in your beauty routine. While we usually think of winter as the time of year that can be the harshest on our lips, sun damage peaks in the summer, and can impact us year-round.


    Why is wearing lipstick with SPF important?:

    We all know what to grab when it comes to protecting the skin on our face and body, but protecting the more sensitive areas of our faces can be tricky. The skin on your lips is delicate and more prone to sun damage, which means it needs additional care. Sunburns and sun damage can cause a range of issues, including chapped and peeling lips, or in the most extreme cases actinic cheilitis, a form of skin cancer. Your lipstick should have it all - hydration, plumping effect, and critical SPF protection.



    Can Lipstick with SPF help heal chapped lips?:

    When your lipstick provides hydration and protection, you’re giving dry, chapped lips a one-two punch - preventing damage in the first place, as well as hydrating your lips to strengthen your lip’s natural barriers. The soothing ingredients in hydrating lipstick can help protect your lips while they repair themselves. Lipstick alone may not be enough - make sure to care for your lips with a hydrating lip mask or lip balm when you’re at home!



    Risks of not wearing lipstick with SPF:

    By making the simple switch to lipstick with SPF, you can save yourself from potentially devastating consequences down the road. The most common result of not wearing SPF on your lips is sun damage, which can cause peeling, swelling, and dryness on your lips. The most extreme consequence is actinic cheilitis, a potentially deadly skin cancer that can begin on your lips if they are not properly protected.


    The best lipstick with SPF for dry and chapped lips:

    KAPLAN MD’s all-in-one hydrating lipstick provides SPF 30 protection, moisturizes, and plumps all while providing rich, long-lasting colour. Available in eight stunning shade perfect for any occasion, the Perfect Pout Lipstick is your new summer must-have to keep you protected, and looking amazing!


    "We like how it feels so creamy and hydrating on the lips, while keeping them protected from the sun." - Byrdie Magazine

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