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  • How To Care for your Lips as the Weather Dips

    September 24, 2021 2 min read

    It’s that time of year again, where we’re all prepping for those colder months up ahead. Our sweaters come out of storage, pants are back in our lives full time and of course… our skincare routine gets a few changes, especially when it comes to our lips.

    Since the skin on our lips is much thinner than the rest, that means it’s much more delicate and prone to the colder weather. It also means, you need to treat your lips in the right way since the skin becomes more sensitive when you add these weather changes.

    Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be! There’s plenty of ways to make sure your lips are getting the right care and it can be simpler than you think. 

    Use a lip mask

    If you don’t use one already, introducing a lip mask into your skincare routine is powerful for lip health. Also, in case you’re wondering, no it’s not the same as a lip scrub and if you’re using a lip scrub, you might want to ditch it. These products can be harsh on the lip’s delicate skin, causing more damage.

    So, switching to a lip mask is exactly what your skin needs. Our powerful Perfect Pout Lip Mask works wonders on your lips when they need it most and using it regularly will have your lips feeling better than ever. This cream lip mask gently exfoliates the dry skin that naturally happens as the weather gets colder and then plumps your lips using hyaluronic acid. 

    Using the Perfect Pout Lip Mask ensures you’re not irritating the skin on your lips any more while ensuring that the results are smooth, soft and plumper.

    Keep Your Lip Balm Close


    Lip balm is truly essential during the chillier seasons for lip health, but you’ll want to make sure you’re using one that works. Many lip balms out there don’t use the best ingredients for your lips, which is why you may find yourself reapplying more often than you’d like. 

    You also want to make sure your lip balm holds SPF so that your lips are protected from the sun. The colder seasons still have sunlight, and your lips especially can still be affected! 

    Wondering what to look for in a lip balm? Our Perfect Pout Lip Balm is a great choice (especially when paired with the Perfect Pout Lip Mask!). This powerful product for your lips provides intense moisture while repairing dry lips while also (you guessed it!) protecting skin with SPF30 sunburn protection. Plus, it comes in two different shades: Crystal Clear and our NEW Pink Peony!


    Wear lipsticks with nourishing ingredients

    Just because it’s getting colder, doesn’t mean we can’t brighten our looks up with some fun lipstick shades! When choosing a lipstick though, especially during the colder seasons, you’ll want to make sure those ingredients are working for your lips, not against them.

    So, you’ll want to look for a lipstick that’s also a treatment. Our Perfect Pout Lipstick is just that. This luxuriously smooth lipstick actually holds incredible lip plumping technology, so as you’re out there rocking a gorgeous lip color, it’s doing work for you to keep your lips plump and healthy. Additionally, it even has SPF30 protection!

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