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  • Skincare Habits That Are Damaging Your Skin

    September 26, 2023 4 min read

    Blonde-haired woman doing her skincare routine with Kaplan MD Skincare products


    There are some skincare habits that are common for many people, but unfortunately, some of these are actually damaging skin more than you know. Having these damaging skincare habits may feel good and seem like they’re helping but they all have one thing in common, we need to stop doing them.

    From over exfoliating, to skipping your nighttime cleanse and more, we’ve all done it. The good news is once you know how and why this is harming your skin it’s easy to kick the habit. 

    Ready? Here’s the skincare habits Dr. Kaplan always recommends people quit.


    Exfoliating too harshly

    No one can deny that exfoliating feels really good, and when done properly it can leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and rejuvenated. Even when you exfoliate harshly, it can sometimes feel good.

    Unfortunately, though it may feel like a good thing, it’s far from it.

    By exfoliating too hard you're unintentionally irritating your skin which can damage it, cause redness and inflammation. Those are the very things our skincare routines try to treat! 

    Not only that, but this inflammation and irritation can actually lead to acne breakouts. These breakouts sometimes cause people to start exfoliating to reduce the acne but what it actually does is continue the cycle.

    You’ll also want to make sure you’re using exfoliants that are soft and not harsh on the skin. Dr. Kaplan recommends using the Diamond Contour Supercharge 1-Minute Daily Facial or the Cell Renewing Microfoliant.


    Skipping your nighttime skincare regimen

    Dr. Kaplan's Night Replenishment Concentrate that reinvigorates your skin overnight with deep moisture.

    This one has a lot to it, and we’ll start with the difference between your morning and evening routine. In the morning, the formulas in your skincare products need to be able to protect you from the environmental stressors you’ll face throughout the day. In the evening, your routine should remove anything picked up through the day and replenish the skin while you sleep. 

    You’re probably catching onto the reasoning by now. If you don’t cleanse your face and do your regular skincare routine at night, you’re not removing those environmental stressors that are damaging your skin. 

    In addition to that, you’re not giving your skin the chance to properly replenish and renew overnight. While you’re sleeping, it’s your body’s chance to heal, and regenerate. If you give your skin the ingredients it needs by cleansing, toning, using a hydrating serum and a moisturizer for nighttime, you’re not allowing your skin to regenerate to its fullest potential.

    Dr. Kaplan recommends using the Purifying Foam CleanserClarifying TonerDiamond Contour Supercharge 1-Minute Daily FacialDiamond Contour Ultimate Hydration Firming Eye SerumCellular Rejuvenating ConcentrateNight Replenishment Concentrate.


    You can’t stop picking at acne

    Popping a pimple may feel like a relief, but messing with your blemishes can actually make things a lot worse. For example, by trying to (or successfully) pop a pimple, you’re irritating the skin further and actually inflaming it. This can lead to longer healing times and redness beyond just the pimple. Doing this can also increase the chance of scarring and developing a dark spot where the acne is. 

    By opening up a pimple, or picking at acne, you’re introducing greater risk of infection and other issues too. It becomes an open wound after it’s popped, leaving it very vulnerable to environmental stressors throughout the day that you can’t avoid.

    For when you have breakouts and blemishes, Dr. Kaplan recommends holding off on popping and using Purifying Foam Cleanser and the Clarifying Toner which has salicylic acid, witch hazel and aloe.


    Forgetting about sunscreen

    Woman Using Dr. Kaplan's Diamond Contour Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Complete Complexion Treatment in the morning to protect her skin.

    Sunscreen is essential to your routine in the morning, and so many of us dismiss it especially in the cooler months. However, this not only just helps to prevent aging, but it’s crucial for skin health. 

    In the fall and winter, your skin is still vulnerable to the UV rays, and even if you’re inside they can still make their way in from windows. Unfortunately, no matter where you are, your skin is likely exposed to the sun’s effects. 

    Dr. Kaplan highly recommends using the Diamond Contour Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Complete Complexion Treatment to ensure your skin is protected all day long.


    Neglecting your neck

    Your skincare routine shouldn’t end at your jawline! Your neck and chest also need some love and those areas are often overlooked. This is why you often notice aging around those areas before the face. This skin requires the same amount of love as above the jawline and the rest of your body.

    That’s why Dr. Kaplan developed the Diamond Contour Lifting Rose Quartz Neck Serum so that your neck gets the treatment it deserves.


    Not treating your eye area properly

    Woman using the Ultimate Hydration Firming Eye Serum by Dr. Kaplan to replenish, firm, and fight aging around her eyes.

    Your eye area tends to be a little more tricky than the rest of your face. This is because the skin is so much thinner and sensitive. For this reason, there’s certain ingredients and needs that your eyes have that the rest of your face might not. So, using the same products for your eyes may not be giving you the best results. 

    When you’re using a moisturizer on your face, it’s made to hydrate and replenish your skin. But, eye creams not only moisturize, they focus on depuffing, firming, improving the look of dark circles and more while keeping sensitive skin in mind. Moisturizers tend to not do all of these things. If you’ve been wondering whether or not an eye serum or cream is worth it – it is! 

    Dr. Kaplan tends to recommend to his patients the Diamond Contour Ultimate Hydration Firming Eye Serum or the Intensive Eye Concentrate.

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