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  • SPF: 3 Reasons Why It’s So Important

    June 13, 2022 2 min read


    You probably hear it a lot, SPF is important when it comes to your skincare routine because it blocks UV rays from damaging your skin. Yes, this is true, but what are some other reasons why SPF is so important and why we need to block those UV rays?

    It’s a great question.

    There’s plenty of reasons why, but there are 5 that are significant ones when it comes to the importance of SPF. Those are sun damage through burning, aging and of course, skin cancer. In this blog post, we’re going to jump into why SPF is important for each of these aspects and why it should be a part of your daily routine all year round.

    Skin Cancer

    As you likely already know, the majority of skin cancers are caused by excessive exposure to UV rays. This isn’t great news for anyone because UV rays are there whether there’s clouds or not, if you're sitting by a window and even if it’s raining! 

    That’s why having SPF incorporated into your routine is so essential. By doing this, you’re reducing your risk of developing cancerous cells by about 40% and reducing your risk of melanoma by 50% [Source: Skin Cancer Foundation].


    Make sure to incorporate our Daily Moisture SPF Concentrate into your routine to keep yourself protected.

    Sunburn Damage

    The dreaded word – sunburn. It’s something many of us experience in our lifetime, often more than once. However, every time we get a sunburn, we’re damaging our skin further.

    Continuously getting sunburns can lead to premature aging and of course, as we now know, skin cancer. Additionally, the more your skin burns the more the damage builds up which heightens your risk.

    The long-term risks are enough for anyone to want to use SPF each day, but even the short-term effects should convince you too. Sunburns can be painful and very uncomfortable so you’ll always want to remember your sunscreen no matter your skin type or the season.



    One area many people forget about protecting when it comes to SPF? Lips. Since such thin skin is there, it can get sunburned easily. Luckily, Dr. Kaplan created the Perfect Pout Lipstick and Perfect Pout Lip Balm to keep your lips protected.

    Premature Aging

    One of the things we all try to avoid is incredibly affected by UV rays… and that’s aging. This is another reason why SPF protection is so important to many people. You want your skin to look healthy and youthful for as long as possible and unfortunately the warm sun’s UV rays get in the way of that. In fact, it can even contribute to you aging prematurely. 

    That’s why, one of the best ways to slow down aging, skin damage and avoid looking older before your time is making sure you’re using an SPF each and every day. Yes, that means on cloudy, rainy and snowy days! UV rays still make their way through, and at least you’ll know that no matter what, you’re protected.

    Looking for some of Dr. Kaplan’s products that have SPF protection built in? Check out our Sun Protection collection to keep your skin safe on a daily basis. 

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