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  • Why You Need To Treat Your Neck Differently

    September 15, 2020 4 min read


    Having a skincare routine for your neck may seem like a little bit much, but once you understand how different the skin on your neck is   from the rest of your face, you might change your mind. 

    Luckily, neck skincare doesn’t have to be complicated because you can maintain a simple, time efficient routine when you choose the right products. 

    We know what you’re thinking, and yes, you could  use the same products on your neck as you do your face. The issue is, those products are made for your face and don't focus on what the skin on your neck needs. 

    So, what does the skin on your neck crave?

    There’s three big factors that contribute to the difference between your neck and face’s skin; your neck’s skin is thinner, it doesn't produce as much oil and of course, tech neck, thanks to our phones and computers. 

    Before we dive into it, a little tip on how to apply skincare products to your neck, always apply the product you’re using in an upwards, circular motion from the  décolletage to the jawline. By using this motion you’ll get maximum absorption and focus on fighting aging. Also, remember to always massage gently since your skin is much thinner from the rest.

    Speaking of that…

    Your Neck’s Skin Is Thin


    Your neck’s skin is thin, very thin, especially when compared to the skin on your face. In fact, it’s just about two-thirds of that thickness and though it’s thin, it’s also highly elastic. This is why your neck’s skin is so easy to stretch.

    The issue with our neck skin being so thin, is that it’s still exposed to exactly what our face endures as well. The same free radicals, UV rays, environmental stressors and more all hit our neck too. Having such thin skin there makes our neck more susceptible to aging than even our face. 

    This is why many people say you can tell someone’s age from their neck and not always their face. So, we all want to avoid that, but how?

    One of our new products, the Diamond Contour Lifting Rose Neck Serum focuses strictly on neck health and houses anti-aging formulas making it the perfect addition to your skincare routine. The best part? It’s easy to use and doesn’t make your routine more complicated.

    The Oils On Your Neck Are Different 

    Unlike your face, your neck produces a very minimal amount of oil. Next to none for that matter, and that’s why more often than not many of us don’t exactly experience breakouts on our necks.

    Though it’s exciting not having breakouts on our neck, not having oil producing naturally can have negative side effects. Without those natural oils, the aging process of the skin happens faster than our face. So, by feeding your neck a moisturizer that can deeply penetrate, you’ll be able to battle signs of aging more successfully. 

    Moisturizing your neck daily is a great way to ensure your youthful look stays that way. This also helps your neck recover or fight any damage done by free radicals, UV rays and more. 

    We recommend using something like our Daily Moisture SPF30 Concentrate to ensure your neck is getting those nutrients, plus this product will fight UV rays with SPF30.

    Tech Neck  

    Our phones, computers and Netflix have become our lifestyle and that’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

    But we need to get real about what this is doing to not just for our mental and physical health, but for our skin too. 

    Tech Neck has become a term to explain the damage done to our shoulders and neck muscles while looking down at our phones and computers. But, it also damages the skin on our neck since it’s also exposed.


    It’s been shown to add to our skin wrinkling and sagging. If you think about it, we’re always looking down, not stretching our skin as often and slouching more while we work at our desks. For this reason, the skin on our neck begins to naturally sag and wrinkle at a faster pace since that’s what our body is telling it to do. 

    Besides focusing on our posture and trying to look away from our phones a bit more often, it’s a good idea to focus on anti-aging and firming solutions for your neck. That’s why we highly recommend our Diamond Contour Lifting Rose Neck Serum for this as well. It focuses on four outcomes, smoothing crepiness, improving firmness and elasticity along with reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

    Tech neck also brings up another hot topic, blue light from our computers and phones. 

    Though the effects of blue light aren't visible right away, it’s similar to UV rays in the sense that issues can arise later on. These issues that dermatologists have seen include brown spots on the skin, hyperpigmentation along with collagen being broken down which we all know can lead to premature signs of aging. Though you’re giving your face nutrients to battle this, your neck still experiences the same levels of blue light damage. 

    Unfortunately, neck care often gets pushed to the side when it comes to our skincare routine and it’s usually due to a misunderstanding about what our skin needs. When you know about how thin the skin is on our neck, how it produces less oil and what our tech is doing to it, it becomes more obvious that our neck needs more love than it gets.

    Want to learn more? Follow us on Instagram for more skincare tips! 

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