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  • What Your Skin Needs In The Fall

    September 24, 2020 4 min read


    When fall comes around it doesn’t just mean going back to comfortable scarves and boots that we missed throughout the summer. It also means changes in our skin health and what it craves, which requires different focuses in our skincare routine. 

    Your fall routine needs to cater to the changes in temperature and general environment. Ever notice that in the fall, your skin feels a bit tight just a few hours after you’ve done your morning skincare routine?

    That’s because it needs something different than what you nourished it with in the summer.

    Why? Well, your skin needs to adjust like your clothing does in the fall season, and this is what it’s looking for.

    Something Gentle


    With cooler temperatures comes dry skin, and though it’s not winter just yet, the fall season starts to dry it out. This also tends to make your skin more sensitive. You’re going to want to look for treatments that provide moisture and offer multiple skin nurturing benefits.

    Gentle exfoliation is key to younger looking skin, we recommend everyone makes it part of their daily routine, even in the fall and winter, however, it’s important to use an exfoliator that is gentle enough to be used every day, year round, like the Diamond Contour Supercharged 1 Minute Daily Facial. 

    The clinically proven facial is a 4-in-1 treatment that gently cleanses and polishes the skin to promote cell turnover, while simultaneously plumping and nourishing the fresh new cells as they come to the surface. Impressive, right? Your skin will be smoother, plumper, nourished and comfortable all through the cooler months. 

    If your skin needs an extra bit of TLC as a results of sweat, oil and makeup build up, you can try our Purifying Foam Cleanser followed by Cell Renewing Microfoliant to exfoliate a little deeper a couple of times a week, both products are still gentle enough for sensitive skin, but will help to unclog your pores- deeply!

    What’s key with exfoliation is to avoid anything harsh and abrasive (like a scrub) that is going to strip the skin and leave it exposed to the elements (whether it's the fall or not!). The key to radiant, younger looking skin is polishing it daily, with a gentle, expertly formulated treatment, that not only smooths, but also replenishes!


    Which gentle Exfoliators and Cleansers do we recommend? Our Diamond Contour Supercharged 1 Minute Daily Facial, Purifying Foam Cleanser and the Cell Renewing Microfoliant all gently clean and exfoliate the skin, without stripping it of essential moisture.

    One thing that will help with that sensitive, dry skin during the fall season is a focus on deeply moisturizing. There’s a ton of different moisturizers out there and it’s hard to choose one that’s right for you, but there’s a few things you can look out for. 

    First off, you’ll want to use a moisturizer in the fall season, that is gentle and penetrates on a cellular level instead of just sitting on the top layer of your skin. It’s also good to look into moisturizers that continue to battle damage done from the summer season. This means looking for products that have anti-aging outcomes and a focus on cell turnover to help your complexion stay radiant.

    What do we recommend? The Night Replenishment Concentrate.

    Your Lips & Eyes Need Extra Love

    Your face houses different types of skin that need to be treated in different ways. This is especially true when it comes to your lips and eyes since the skin in those areas is far thinner than the rest. This means that those areas are also more heavily affected by the new, cooling temperatures and the skin issues it brings.

    When it comes to your eyes, you’re going to want to use a product that focuses on intensely hydrating while firming and strengthening the skin (which also helps with anti-aging!). For your lips, you’re going to want to avoid lip scrubs completely (which you should do throughout the year) and switch to a lip mask and balm that offers intense smoothing and hydration.

    What do we recommend? The Intensive Eye Concentrate and the Perfect Pout Duo.

    UV Rays Don’t Disappear

    Sure, summer is over but the UV rays are still kicking. 

    We know what you’re thinking, and it’s true, UV rays aren’t as strong in the fall, but they can still do damage. The good news is that keeping up with sun protection isn’t hard since many moisturizers out on the market include an SPF30. 

    Also, you’ll want to keep in mind that even if you’re working from home, those UV rays still get through your windows. That’s why by using a moisturizer that includes sun protection, you’re able to keep your routine simple while giving your skin the protection it needs.

    What do we recommend? Our Daily Moisture SPF30 Concentrate.

    Each season brings new skincare challenges, and this season you’ll want to make sure you’re all ready so that when the winter hits, your skin is healthier than ever.

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