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  • All About Your Lips & Why They Need Care Year-Round

    June 01, 2023 4 min read

    Kaplan MD SKINCARE Lip Mask

    Your lips are one of the most sensitive areas when it comes to the skin on your body. So it’s no surprise that they need a little extra love if you’re someone who wants to keep them looking youthful and plump. 

    Many of us only focus on lip care in the winter, but the summer months also present issues for our lips. On top of that, our lips are always at risk of UVA/UVB rays, so how do we protect them properly? These are things many of us might not think about, but in order for lips to remain youthful, staying consistent with your lip care routine is essential. 

    So, just how can you give your lips the love they need year-round? It’s actually easier than you think, but first, let’s get into the science behind it all.


    Why Your Lips Are So Different


    Whether you are into the science behind your skin and skincare or not, it’s important to understand just how different your lips are from the rest of your body. The unique skin on your lips is incredibly thin and actually doesn’t hold any sweat or hair glands. Plus, as we age, unfortunately the skin slowly gets even thinner. With the skin on your lips being that thin, and them having a smaller amount of melanin, it’s the underlying blood vessels that actually give your lips that different natural color.

    On top of this, no matter the time of year, the skin on your lips also has higher water loss and water content. This is why your lips tend to feel much dryer more quickly compared to the rest of your face and body. So, having a lip balm or lipstick that feeds your skin the proper nutrients to thrive is essential.

    Though those might be the two biggest differences between your lips and the rest of the skin, they also have millions of nerve endings making them incredibly sensitive compared to other areas of the body. That means, depending on weather or any other factors, your lips could feel different sensations much easier than other areas of the body. 


    The Seasons & Your Lips

    Your lips and how the seasons affect them


    Each season brings new challenges to your skin and especially your lips – we all know that – but are there certain seasons that are harsher on your lips than others? The answer is, not really. All seasons (yes, even summer!) can have harsh effects on your lips if they’re not looked after with love.

    Usually it’s the winter season where we’re all hydrating and focusing heavily on lip care. This makes sense! Oftentimes, we notice our lips are much dryer, chapped and need that extra love, and it’s true. The winter brings on harsher, colder weather that our lips are more susceptible to.

    Fast-forward to summer. It’s sunny out, warm, possibly humid and our lips are feeling hydrated and comfortable – even without consistently hydrating. This, however, is a bit of a myth when it comes to lip care. In the summer, your lips still aren’t producing sweat or protective oils and the skin is still really thin, nothing changes. So, we need to keep giving them the same love as we do in the winter. In addition, we’re usually spending a lot more time outside in the summer, exposing our lips to even more environmental stressors than before. 

    On that note, the summer holds some incredibly rough stressors on our skin, one of them being the sun, which leads us into our next point…


    Your Lips Need Sun Protection Too

    Another year-round concern, but more heightened in the summer is sun exposure. Since the skin on your lips are so thin, it’s even more susceptible to burns and cracks compared to the rest of your face and body. The UVA/UVB rays from the sun can not only cause cracks but long-term damage to your lips like discoloration and consistent dryness. In some individuals, increased sun exposure can also lead to sores, ulcers or blisters on your lips. 

    How can you protect yourself from this? You probably guessed it, SPF. 

    The issue is not a lot of lip balms and lipsticks actually have SPF protection within them. That’s why Dr. Kaplan did things differently.


    What Dr. Kaplan Recommends

    Kaplan MD Skincare Lip Care Line


    When developing the formulas for the Perfect Pout CollectionDr. Kaplan kept all of these factors in mind to ensure that your routine stays simple and effective. By using these products consistently all year-round (not just in the winter months!) you can ensure that your lips will stay healthy, youthful and plump.


    Perfect Pout Lip Balm

    This lip balm hydrates deeply into the lips and provides the intense moisture needed. By doing this, your lips will receive the moisture they consistently need to stay healthy. It even includes SPF 30 sunburn protection to ensure you’re protecting your lips from the sun’s UVA/UVB rays. Remember, you need this protection year-round!

    Some powerful ingredients are included in the Perfect Pout Lip Balmfrom Seabuckthorn Berry Extract which is intensely hydrating and Hyaluronic Filling Spheres™ which work to smooth and plump your lips.

    The result from the Perfect Pout Lip Balm? Protection, hydration and softer, more youthful lips.


    Perfect Pout Lipstick

    If you’re someone who loves a pop of color, Dr. Kaplan’s Perfect Pout Lipstick

    formula keeps your lips healthy with 22 Certified Organic Extracts, Hyaluronic Filling Spheres™ and more. Plus, unlike many other lipsticks, it also gives you SPF 30 protection to ensure you’re fighting the UVA/UVB rays all day long.

    Choose between 8 different shades with this luxuriously smooth lipstick that uses a lip plumping technology.

    The result from the Perfect Pout Lipstick? Softer, fuller lips with a gorgeous pop of color.


    Perfect Pout Lip Mask

    A lip treatment like this mask is essential all year round to keep your lips at their finest. This creamy mask doesn’t use the same harsh ingredients as others to exfoliate the lips. Instead, Dr. Kaplan uses a unique gel cream technology to allow the mask to smoothly go onto the skin. Using papaya enzymes, dry skin is removed and lips are softened while adding a hit of hydration with hyaluronic acid.

    Plus, it doesn’t take much time, only three minutes in fact to get your lips to a stunning, youthful state. 

    The result from the Perfect Pout Lip Mask? Hydrated, visibly smoother and plumper lips.

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