What did the Stars do before the Golden Globes

The red carpet is home of many beautiful gowns and perfect make up. So what would you say if we tell you that sometimes it is not as glamorous as you might think? We did some research and came across bizarre and funny things on how celebrities spent their morning on the day of the Golden Globes. For instance Kate Bosworth stylist duct-taped her straps from her shoes together because they got caught on the inside of her fabulous dress. Not very glamorous but necessary. Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) enjoyed getting a manicure, and got her hair and makeup done. That sounds like red carpet but while this was happening she was wearing a Star Wars vintage t-shirt and pajama bottoms while her dog was running around and barking. The beautiful Edie Falco confessed that the store forgot to take of the security tag in her dress. So she had to wear the security tag all evening long! Now that is commitment. You  might think stars don’t eat before they attend the red carpet so they fit better in their dress. Not Jillian Rose Reed (Awkward), she ate a whole Chipotle burrito bowl on her couch before the Globes. Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) relaxed in her bed while watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians" and eating a box of chocolate chip cookies. The chocolate ended up in the bed. Last but not least Bryce DallasHoward for example bought her dress from the department store which is untypical for a celebrity.

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November 11, 2020

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