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  • 5 Gifts Your Galentine Will Thank You For

    February 09, 2021 3 min read

    galentines day gifts

    Ahh February, the month of love. It’s always been focused on couples in love having fancy dinners and treating themselves. There’s so much to what Valentine’s Day is, and thankfully, it is no longer just about that.

    That’s right, Galentine’s Day is officially something we all look forward to each and every year! Whether you’re in a relationship or not, February is for everyone to celebrate the love they have for their friends. These are the people who get us through highs and lows, give us the best advice and oftentimes understand us on a deeper level compared to anyone else. 

    Though we give our besties love all year round, Galentine’s Day is a day we can spoil them in a different way, with some of their favorite things. 

    So, if one of your friends is skincare-obsessed, we’ve got some gifts that are bound to make them smile and keep their skin healthier than ever.

    Perfect Pout Duo

    galentines day gift guide

    The perfect duo for your bestie! Why? Because our lips, compared to the rest of the skin on our body, is extremely sensitive. That’s the reason why they get drier faster, damaged easier and can be difficult to keep healthy and plump. In recent years, lip scrubs have jumped in claiming they’re the answer - however, those products are likely doing more damage.

    That’s why we have the Perfect Pout Duo. This lip mask and balm pair gently works together to make your lips plump, soft and protected. How?

    Using papaya enzymes, the unique gel cream technology in the Lip Mask focuses on gently exfoliating as opposed to damaging the skin. Following this treatment with the Lip Balm, the seabuckthorn berry extract and other ingredients work to intensely hydrate and protect lips from UV Rays. Plus, the balm comes in two shades, Crystal Clear and Red Poppy!

    Perfect Pout Lipstick

    lipstick perfect for valentines day

    Have a friend that LOVES lipstick but doesn’t like compromising on lip health? Well, at KMD, we think lip care should also fall into the world of makeup, that’s why our Perfect Pout Lipstick is something many of us always have on hand! 

    Available in 8 different shades, this lipstick works to keep your lips look as youthful as possible. After sliding on smoothly and filling your lips with a rich color, our lip plumping technology begins to work its magic. 

    This lip plumping technology instantly fills your lips with hydration, enhances fullness and even includes SPF30 to protect your lips even more.

    Within the Perfect Pout Lipstick, you’ll also find Dr. Kaplan’s proprietary complex of 22 Certified Organic Extracts which work to nourish and repair your lips.

    PSST. In case you missed it, the beloved shade Rodeo is back!

    Daily Regimen & Opus Luxe Discovery Kit

    galentines day gift set 

    If you or a friend are looking for a way to really supercharge your skincare routine this year, this limited edition set is the perfect start! 

    The Daily Regimen and Opus Luxe Discovery Kit is a simple, 3-step routine that focuses on keeping your skin radiant, youthful and healthy. Each product in the routine houses incredible antioxidants, organic extracts and more that focus on bringing the best results possible. 

    What enhances it all? The Opus Luxe, which is our brand new anti-aging facial brush. This brush purifies and rejuvenates skin which leads to a glowing complexion. It has a 3-speed kinetic skin cleansing vibration that deeply cleans and detoxes while the pulsating lifting massage vibration firms and tones the skin. 

    Diamond Contour Supercharged 1-Minute Daily Facial

    KAPLAN MD Diamond Contour Daily Facial

    For your bestie that loves getting a facial, now she can experience a supercharged version of it in just one minute! 

    With our Diamond Contour Supercharged 1-Minute Daily Facial, your face will feel completely fresh and renewed. It works to produce a radiant complexion by smoothing fine lines and plumping the skin. 

    Dr. Kaplan has trademarked the Diamond Contour Method, which is a 4-in-1 facial treatment which has been clinically proven to improve skin’s texture, plumpness, radiance and rejuvenation after just one use! 

    Hydrating Essence Beauty Oil

    hydrating facial oil 

    Looking to give a friend something they can use on areas other than their face? The Hydrating Essence Beauty Oil helps restore skin on your face, body and even your hair! 

    Using a blend of 8 exclusive essential oils, this product does wonders for your skin in a number of ways. One of the biggest benefits is the deep hydration, which is needed all year round but even more during the winter season. It also focuses on nourishing your skin for a soft glow that radiates at all times of the year. It also helps with anti-aging efforts by improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while brightening. 

    What about your hair you ask? Well, if you experience frizzy hair, or your friend does, this will help. It’ll feed your hair ingredients to help it stay healthy and protect it from harsh environmental stressors.

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