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  • The Answer to Dry, Chapped Lips: The Perfect Pout Duo

    February 11, 2021 4 min read

    lip mask for dry, chapped lips


    We talk about the importance of lip care a lot, but we have a good reason for it. Our lips are made of very thin layers of skin, meaning it’s far more sensitive and prone to issues than other areas of our body.

    This isn’t a secret though.

    That’s why people are always looking for ways to keep their lips healthy by keeping them hydrated and protected from environmental stressors. The problem is, since this is a well-known fact, there’s countless products out there to choose from making it difficult to know which ones are best for you.

    One type of product that has gained popularity in recent years is the lip scrub. This however, is a bit misleading.


    Though the idea behind them makes sense, removing the dead or dry skin that is peeling on your lips, the actual scrub can be quite harmful to your lips. Don’t get us wrong, immediate effects can seem great -- but these scrubs can lead to severe irritation and negative long-term effects including micro-tearing, further damage to skin layers and even worsening dryness.

    That’s where the Perfect Pout Duo comes in. 

    Instead of using a lip scrub, this amazing duo features a lip mask that does what your lips need without the abrasive, harmful effects. So, let’s dive into why this duo, which features the Perfect Pout Lip Mask and Balm, works wonders on your skin.

    The Origin

    lip balm for moisturizing chapped lips

    Created by Dr. Kaplan, the Perfect Pout Collection is the first complete anti-aging regimen for your lips. It all started when he wanted to help his patients take care of their ongoing lip issues which were:

    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Losing fullness 
    • Loss of color 
    • Dry, flaky skin 
    • Sun damage

    The Perfect Pout Balm houses SPF30, which many others on the market don’t. However, having that protection is incredibly important to avoid immediate and long-term damage to the skin on your lips. 

    With the rise of lip plumpers and scrubs on the market, and the increasing interest in them by the public, Dr. Kaplan also wanted to provide a safe way for his patients to get these results. As we know, these scrubs can cause lip damage which is something Dr. Kaplan didn’t want to happen to his patients, and everyone else.

    So, Dr. Kaplan spent an entire 5 years researching the best organic extracts and anti-aging ingredients would be most effective for our lips. Not for anywhere else. After those years of research and development, the Perfect Pout Collection was born, central to the collection is the Lip Mask and Balm, the hero combination creates healthy lips that are softer, more full and youthful without the damage caused by scrubs.

    How To Use the Perfect Pout Duo

    how to use lip mask

    The good news is, it’s as simple as it gets.

    It’s recommended as a once daily treatment, but use it as you see fit for your lifestyle and your lip health!

    The first step is just spreading a layer (and you can get generous with this!) of the Lip Mask right onto clean lips with no lipstick or balm on it. If you’re looking to not only treat your lips, but any wrinkles around your mouth, you can also spread the layer to about half an inch beyond your lip line. This will sit on for 3-5 minutes, or if you have deep lines you can leave it on for 5-10. Afterwards just use a damp close or tissue to wipe any access product off.

    While the mask is on, there is a chance you’ll experience some tingling -- don’t worry though this is completely normal! The reason? Papaya Enzymes (which we’ll talk about when we dive into some key ingredients), which works to dissolve dry skin. 

    Just like your face, hydrating is incredibly important after you exfoliate! So, we highly recommend applying a light layer of the Lip Balm to seal hydration in.

    Key Ingredients

    moisturizing lip balm for chapped lips

    The key ingredients listed below aren’t the only ones featured in the Perfect Pout Duo, but they’re a few that you should know about. Combined together, these ingredients and the others do incredible things to keep your lips youthful and healthy. 

    Papaya Enzymes

    As we promised, we’re getting back to the Papaya Enzymes! This focuses on gently dissolving dry, flaky and chapped skin. That’s why when you use our Perfect Pout Lip Mask, you’ll see your lips have a fresh healthy new look since the new cells have emerged. 

    What’s great is these enzymes do more than just that. They also work to soothe skin irritation and act as an anti-inflammatory which is important for lip care. It also works to brighten skin tone -- exactly what we’re looking for with our lips!


    This gentle amino acid works to enhance lip volume and fullness. The patented L-Ornithine ingredient is a fantastic ingredient in anti-aging treatments since it helps improve on the appearance of wrinkles, and also thinning skin. This is why it’s such a great ingredient to have featured in our Perfect Pout Lip Mask.

    Hyaluronic Acid (Both High & Low Molecular Weights)

    Hyaluronic acid isn’t a new ingredient, but in our Perfect Pout Lip Mask we use both high and low molecular weights -- which does make a difference. It’s a unique combination that allows for hydration on all levels of the skin.

    The low molecular weight allows for a much deeper penetration into skin. This allows for hydration to be more intense since it’s going into the cellular level. On the other hand, the high molecular weight sits on the surface of the skin which is why your lips will feel hydrated, soft and plump right away.

    Maxi-Lip ®

    This patented tri-peptide is what we can all thank for plumping our lip line for that natural full look of our lips.

    It’s another favorite widely used in anti-aging skincare products since it stimulates collagen so our skin can remain youthful, and healthy. 

    Seabuckthorn Berry Extract

    This berry extract is essential when it comes to moisturizing the skin. The high content of fat-soluble vitamins including A and E, paired with essential fatty acids and phytosterols are what gives you that magical hit of moisture and repair. 

    What is your skin left with when this is an ingredient used? Well, it’s been prized for nourishing, revitalizing and restorative benefits. 

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