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  • Skincare Steps You Might Be Forgetting, But Shouldn’t

    August 27, 2020 5 min read

    Your skincare routine can get confusing. 

    Between the countless steps it seems that your routine needs to include and thinking about what products are right for your skin type, it can be difficult to nail down a routine. 

    Fortunately, your skincare routine actually doesn’t need to be that difficult. At KAPLAN MD Skincare, we’re all about simplicity and education so that you understand what your skincare routine means.

    It’s very important to include skincare products that house ingredients that are essential to your skin’s health. Unfortunately, with all the different product types and messaging out there, it can be easy to skip over some skincare steps that keep your skin healthy.

    By ensuring your skincare routine is simple, and including these often forgotten steps, you can prevent damage as opposed to repairing damage, which we all can agree makes life a lot easier. 

    So, wondering what these key steps and products are that people often forget? 

    Well, we’re here to reveal them so that you can ensure they’re part of your routine in some way.

    Lip Masks

    KAPLAN MD moisturizing lip mask

    Forgetting about our lips is one of the biggest things that we overlook in our skincare routine. Sure, your daily gloss, balm or lipstick may keep them hydrated, but they need so much more than that. 

    Since our lips are much more sensitive than the rest of the skin on our face, they require extra love through hydration and exfoliation. In order to heal and hydrate dry or chapped lips, people often turn to the ever so popular lip scrubs.

    There’s a problem with this though, lip scrubs can be harsh and are damaging your lips more than you know (which we recently talked about here). That’s why, we recommend using a lip mask instead. 

    Sure, this isn’t something you may use on the daily, but it works wonders for your lip health so it’s important to include it regularly in your routine. You’ll want to make sure the lip mask you get focuses on both hydration and exfoliation while not containing harsh ingredients. For example, by focusing on products with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, your lips will hydrate on a cellular level and stay plump.

    You’ll also want to ensure there’s some type of exfoliator within it like papaya enzymes that gently dissolve dry, flaky skin from your lips, instead of being harsh and abrasive like a scrub is. This ingredient works like a lip scrub would to remove any dry or flaky skin when your lips are chapped or have damage.

    Both of these key ingredients are in our Perfect Pout Lip Mask and more essentials are included in the formula as well. These include 22 Organic Extracts and Adipofill’n, which is a patented L-Ornithine Amino Acid that will plump the lip contour and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. 

    Neck Serum


    More often than not our skincare routine stops at our jawline. If it does stop there, there then you’re not likely feeding your neck the nutrients it needs, because surprise, surprise... the skin on your neck is different from the rest.

    How is it different? Your neck skin’s dermis is thinner which means, compared to your face, it’s much more prone to wrinkles. With this being thinner, not as much collagen is present in the skin which is what is needed in order to keep skin from wrinkling. 

    Don’t worry though, because it’s never too late to give your neck some love!

    Oftentimes, neck care isn’t framed as an area of skincare that's important, but in fact, your neck is one of the first places to show signs of aging. By leaving your neck out of the picture in your skincare routine, that skin starts aging at a faster rate than the rest of your face. If you ignore your neck for long enough, it’s no longer preventative measures you’re taking, but a focus on repair which is more difficult at that point.

    One great step is to start looking at neck-focused skincare products. One of our favourites? The Diamond Contour Lifting Rose Quartz Neck Serum. This serum is clinically proven to improve your neck skin’s firmness, elasticity and crepiness - after just one use. The result is a firmer, smoother and rejuvenated neck that looks more youthful than ever. 

    Daily Facial


    Don’t worry, we’re not about to tell you that you need to get a professional facial done each day, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it quickly at home? 

    As you might know, facials do have some incredible benefits on your skin; they give a deep cleanse, have anti-aging benefits, they work to detoxify and rejuvenate all while smoothing and plumping your skin (and more). 

    Including products like our Diamond Contour Supercharged 1-Minute Daily Facial is an amazing alternative. With it you will have professional, clinically proven, glowing results in the comfort of your own home, and in just one minute! 

    This daily facial is the perfect first step to your simple, and upgraded, skincare routine. It works to improve skin texture, plumpness and rejuvenation as well using a skin polishing microfoliant, a radiance enhancing elixir, a cellular rejuvenating serum and skin plumping pearls - what more could we ask for in a facial?!


    It’s not always during sunny days where you need to be concerned about SPF, it’s every single day. No matter whether it’s a cloudy day, or if you’re spending the day indoors at your office, you need to make sure SPF is a part of your routine.  

    Since UV rays can make their way through windows, clouds and more, you want to make sure that you’re successfully fighting the effects it can have on your skin. The easiest way to do this? Adding SPF products to your daily routine (especially in the morning). 

    The best part is, it doesn’t have to bejust sunscreen- reach for skin and lip treatments that have multiple anti-aging benefits PLUS a sunscreen to keep you safe.

    Keeping your skincare routine as simple as possible is our motto at KAPLAN MD Skincare. That’s why we make sure we have products that include a Broad Spectrum SPF 30 so you don’t have to worry about another skincare step. The last thing we want to do is make things more complicated!

    So, what products are these? 

    Our Daily Moisture SPF 30 Concentrate will focus on deeply hydrating your skin while fighting free radicals and those pesky UV rays. Plus, like we mentioned above, you don’t want to forget about your lips! They are extremely sensitive and can burn, becoming damaged by UV rays too. That’s why our Perfect Pout Lipstick, and Lip Balm both have SPF 30 in their formulas. 

    Overall, keeping that skincare routine as simple as possible is important, but you want to make sure that all of the above is thought through. By skipping essential parts of your skincare routine you could face some unwanted damage in the future, and we’re all about preventing that.

    Follow us on Instagram at @kaplanmdskincare for more tips and skincare inspiration!

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