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  • The Science Behind The KAPLAN MD Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate

    August 27, 2020 7 min read


    At KAPLAN MD Skincare, we strive to ensure everyone has access to the education and information they need when it comes to skincare. We also want to make sure that we’re completely transparent about our products, what they do for your skin and what’s inside them. 

    For years, many people have loved using our Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate. It’s a customer favourite with many skincare fanatics saying that you “can’t go a day without using it,” or that the serum “isn’t oily and makes your skin feel fresh.” By the way, you can see all the reviews straight on the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate page!

    In general, a face serum is always a fantastic addition to have in your skincare routine. They work hard to nourish your face with the right ingredients while also focusing on firming and smoothing the skin, reducing inflammation and more. 

    Since our Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate has received so much love from you all, we decided to do a deep dive into it so there’s no question marks. 

    The Origin & Why We Made It

    While working with patients on healing after their laser surgery, Dr. Kaplan wanted to find a way to speed up the skin’s recovery. So, originally, the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate was developed for this reason, since he wanted to help his patients heal faster. When he started using the product with patients, he found that it was lifting and firming their skin up to 68% in as little as two weeks. 

    This is when he realized that not only is this ideal for people healing from laser surgery, but it would also be incredibly beneficial in a daily skincare routine.

    How You Should Use It & What Should You Use It With 

    The Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate fits perfectly into your skincare routine. It’s simple to use and doesn’t add a complicated layer to your daily regimen!

    Right after you cleanse your face and tone, just apply one to two drops of the Cellular Rejuvenating Serum onto your face and neck area. Afterwards, massage the serum gently into your skin using circular motion until it’s been completely absorbed by your skin.

    Generally, the serum should be used with a cleanser and should be a part of your daily regimen, adding to your anti-aging and skincare efforts. Using this product alongside other KAPLAN MD Skincare products is always recommended since they’re built to work synergistically together based on their ingredients.

    Why It Works

    There’s many reasons why the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate works wonders for your skin. 

    It focuses on improving firmness and elasticity, which is essential for anti-aging. On that note, it also works to smooth and plump wrinkles and fine lines while feeding your skin intense hydration. In terms of its hydration efforts, the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate goes deep to the cellular levels of your skin to ensure maximum results. 

    What do you see as a result of all this? A radiant, youthful complexion.

    The most important reasons as to why it works though, is the ingredients. At KAPLAN MD Skincare, we use ingredients that feed your skin the right nutrients. So, let’s get a little bit more scientific and dive into a few of the key ingredients you’ll find in our Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate.

    High & Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid

    We weren’t joking when we said hydration results in this product are pretty incredible and dive down to the cellular level. Two types of hyaluronic acid are used in this product (high and low molecular weight) which means you get more hydration than expected with a serum.

    On a basic level, let’s start with what hyaluronic acid really is.

    Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our skin, and it’s technically a sugar. What this sugar does which naturally lives in our skin, is hold water and works to keep our skin hydrated and plump. 

    What’s interesting about the hyaluronic acid in our bodies, is that it actually holds quite a bit of its weight in water (a thousand times its weight to be exact) which helps prevent that moisture from evaporating into the air and keep it locked in. 

    One thing about hyaluronic acid is that, just like collagen, as we age it naturally decreases over time. This is why it’s so important to feed our skin this in our skincare routine.

    Let’s talk about the hyaluronic acid in the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate.

    Hyaluronic acid has different levels, in this product we use both high and low molecular weights. This is because it gives the skin a more full hydration from the outer layer of skin and deep down. Both levels do different things and by working together, it’s guaranteed that your skin will be nourished.

    So, what’s the difference between the two?

    High molecular weight hyaluronic acid is the larger variant of the two. Since it’s larger, it’s unable to penetrate through the skin’s barrier. What it does do is improve the skin’s elasticity and moisture by creating a film using the keratin of your skin. It also holds anti-inflammatory benefits so it can feel quite soothing when applied on the skin.

    When it comes to low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, since it’s much smaller than the previous, it’s able to penetrate through the skin’s barrier and ensure hydration is stored. This additional moisture not only makes the skin firmer, but also holds anti-aging effects through reducing the visibility of wrinkles for long-lasting benefits.

    BioFusion - 3S

    This ingredient, BioFusion-3S is one of KAPLAN MD Skincare’s most innovative ingredients, and it’s exclusive to our skincare products.

    It’s a complex derived straight from the natural world and includes three different Plant Stem Cells. These cells are from the Alp Rose, Gamay Grape and the Swiss Apple and get ready, because we’re about to dive into all of them.

    Let’s start with the Alp Rose, this Plant Stem Cell is a rare, alpine flower that grows in intense conditions, when applied to your skin it focuses on stem cell vitality while also protecting against free radicals and other environmental stressors.  

    The Gamay Grape is another incredible Plant Stem Cell. This in particular is known for being resistant to UV rays and works to build up your skin’s tolerance against it which we all know is important for anti-aging purposes. 

    Lastly, the Swiss Apple. This one works with skin cells on strength, structure and regenerating new collagen within the skin. 

    Combining these three together creates something powerful that works synergistically to help improve skin health.


    This may be one you haven’t heard of, but it’s a powerful ingredient.

    Ameliox is an antioxidant and anti-glycation material that has incredible benefits to your skin. In case you’re wondering, glycation refers to the process that causes premature aging and the loss of elasticity in the skin.

    In clinical studies, Ameliox has shown that it can increase the skin’s firmness, improve hydration and smoothness along with reducing wrinkles. It also maintains the skin’s elasticity and protects your skin cells from aging.

    Using this ingredient in the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate is essential to ensuring a fantastic product to improve your skincare routine. 

    Green Tea


    If you didn’t know already, green tea is delicious, but it also works wonders as an ingredient on our skin.

    Green tea is incredibly rich with nutrients and antioxidants which offers an immense amount of support for our skin’s health. Overall, if you have green tea present in your skincare routine, it will help in countless ways, for example as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. 

    It’s also been told that green tea can help prevent skin cancer and fight premature aging while focusing on hydrating your skin. This might sound too good to be true since green tea might be something you have a cup of often, but when it comes to skincare, it’s highly beneficial. 

    Lemon Balm

    Now, let’s talk about lemon balm! 

    This herb is a staple in skincare and part of the mint family. It’s often used as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. On top of that, it holds the beautiful smell of lemon, making your skincare routine that much more enjoyable, who doesn’t love that smell!

    Okay, back to science…

    The natural antioxidants that sit in lemon balm are caffeic and ferulic acid which work to fight against pesky free radicals that cause premature aging. The ingredient also works to boost circulation while also cleansing pores, reducing the chances of blackheads popping up. 

    Now, for anyone with oily skin, another acid that’s present in lemon balm is rosmarinic. This acid helps dry oily skin which leads to outbreak prevention which can save you time on reacting to breakouts.

    Ingredients We Avoid in the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate

    Just like there’s some amazing ingredients we have in the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate, there’s some that we avoided (and, just so you know, avoid in every single one of our products). 

    So, we wanted to go through a few that we do avoid, and let you know why.

    Clean Skincare Ingredients

    Paraben’s are one. 

    Why? Well, just like food, a lot of skincare products use preservatives which are almost always parabens. However, what you’ll want to look for on ingredient lists is butylparaben, methylparaben or propylparaben as this is what they’re normally listed as. Like most preservatives, it allows products to have a long shelf life, however this ingredient can also make its way into our skin. The biggest issue regarding parabens and skincare is that it’s possible that it can conflict with hormones and mimic estrogen which can cause a number of issues.

    This product and all our others are also sulfate free.

    If you’re unsure of what sulfate is, it’s the special ingredient that makes our products lather. Since sulfate is a surfactant, it attracts oil and water at the same time, allowing dirt to be washed away quickly. They can leave you skin feeling clean and refreshed, so what’s the big deal you ask? 

    Apparently, it does way too good of a job washing away our skin’s natural oil. This can leave our skin begging for moisture causing irritation and lack of protection against free radicals. So, especially when looking at your skincare routine, you’ll want to ensure that there’s no sulfate’s present, like in our products, since your face is so sensitive to free radicals. 

    Phthalate is the next ingredient that we always avoid at KAPLAN MD Skincare.

    This group of chemicals when used in skincare, is normally used as a softening agent. What’s so bad about them you ask? It has been known that it could have a link to affecting our hormones in a negative way. This is because phthalates have the ability to make their way into our bloodstream, not only affecting our skin but our entire body. 

    Overall, at KAPLAN MD Skincare, we only bring you the healthiest products for your daily routine that will give you youthful, bright looking skin all year round. We also strive to educate everyone and be as transparent as possible so that you trust us and also know what you’re putting onto your body. 

    Try out the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate for yourself and see why it makes such a huge difference in your skincare routine, no matter your skin type!

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